Arielle Del Turco
Kim Jong Un’s War On K-Pop Is A Sign Of North Korea’s True Weakness

The leaders of this ‘socialist paradise’ are threatened by acts of individual expression and what those acts represent — freedom of thought.

Here’s How Biden Can Get Tough On China’s Muslim Genocide

America’s determination that genocide is ongoing in China is a call to action. The U.S. government must live up to the promise of ‘Never Again.’

In America, Churches May Be Closed On Christmas, But In Pakistan, They May Be Bombed

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this year, may we remember persecuted Christians across the globe who do the same, though at great risk to themselves.

China To Christians: We’re Rewriting The Bible, And You’ll Use It Or Else

Faith is increasingly under attack in President Xi Jinping’s China. People around the world should be speaking up in defense of China’s persecuted believers.

Report: China Helps North Korea Treat Women In Unspeakably Horrific Ways

Silenced by the repressive regime that rules them, North Koreans need the rest of the world, led by the United States, to speak out on their behalf.

3 Ways The United States Can Still Support Hong Kong’s Freedom

The freedom-lovers of Hong Kong deserve our support. The United States should explore every available avenue and make every feasible effort to lend it.

Wave Of Violence Should Prompt U.S. To Urge Religious Freedom In India

Religious freedom in the world’s largest democracy has taken a turn for the worse since 2014, and U.S. leaders should say something.