Anne Schlafly Cori
Anne Schlafly Cori

Anne Schlafly Cori is chairman of Eagle Forum and has served on Eagle Forum boards of directors for ten years. From 2012-16, Cori was the regular guest host for “Eagle Forum Live,” a weekly radio show on the Bott Radio Network. Anne is the daughter of Phyllis Schlafly. Anne has a B.A. in history from Georgetown University and her hobby is teaching people how to cook.

The Equality Act Is Just A Reinvented Equal Rights Amendment, And It’s Still Bad For Women

Both ERA and the Equality Act are solely about ‘sex’ and its ever-changing definition. When sex is redefined, all women lose.

Here’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Phyllis Schlafly

My mother Phyllis Schlafly made quite a name for herself in the fight over the Equal Rights Amendment, but here are a few little-known facts about her.

How Feminism Takes Away Women’s Power To Say ‘No’ To Predators

Male predators conveniently, although perhaps subconsciously, used feminism as a shield. But it was feminism that allowed them to engage in such behavior.