Anna Mussmann
Anna Mussmann

Anna Mussmann is a stay-at-home mom who writes during nap time. She is fascinated by old books, ideas, and historic philosophies of education. Her work can also be found on the blog

Why Picture Books Matter So Much To Children And How To Judge If One’s Good

I’m glad to find another story that will help feed my kiddo’s appetite for stories while also balancing out this decade’s obsession with the self.

California’s ‘Ethnic Studies’ Opens Door To Critical Race Theory Indoctrination Throughout Public Schools

By ‘woke-washing’ history, California’s Ethnic Studies curriculum exerts ideological pressure while also coercing ideological compliance out of teachers.

How To Start A Ladies’ Discussion Group To Build Vibrant Relationships

Nowadays, forming relationships with other women often must be done on purpose if it’s to happen at all. Why not use a discussion group?

How To Build A Family Library Of Awesome Picture Books

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America Day. Children will hear a lot of encouragement to read, but few will be given guidance on how to find worthwhile books.

What Kids Need This Valentine’s Day Isn’t Chocolates, It’s Understanding Suffering

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am reminded that my job isn’t just to give my kids chocolates and tell them I love them. It is also to point them toward a Christian understanding of suffering.

6 Worthwhile Crafts Young Kids Can Make As Christmas Gifts

None of these crafts are expensive or elaborate, but they have the potential to allow your children to cultivate their humanity at Christmas time.

How To Turn Your Children Into Readers For Life

‘Raising readers’ isn’t just another checkbox on some list of things to feel like good parents. It is instead an opportunity to free us from the tyranny of artificial parenting pressures.

How Pretending We Can Control Our Kids’ Happiness Fuels Mom Guilt

Why has motherhood joined death and religion as something that can only be joked about carefully? Exaggerating a mom’s power burdens her with more responsibility than she can fulfill.

This Children’s Book Will Teach Your Family How To Laugh

‘Mr. Mehan’s Mildly Amusing Mythical Mammals’ may be difficult to describe, but it has what matters most: that vital spark that brings good books alive.

The Book World Is Getting Way Too Politicized. Here’s What To Do About That

‘De-platforming’ dissident voices is the new weapon de jure, and it’s no longer confined to social media or university speaking schedules. It’s affecting publishing and libraries as well.

What I’ve Learned About Christmas From Marrying An Advent Stickler

Even though we still sometimes disagree about the details, I’ve come to be grateful that my husband has always insisted we celebrate Advent first. Here’s how we do it.

24 Quality Christmas Books To Read Instead Of All The Smarmy Garbage

Sharing gorgeous pictures and well-crafted stories with our children is an excellent way to combat the dehumanizing habits and beliefs that make our world shrill, angry, and sad.

3 Things This Lutheran Wants Her Catholic Friends To Know About Reformation Day

In Catholics’ eyes, our admiration for Martin Luther is as misguided as holding a big party in honor of one’s divorce.

Shootings, Wildfires, And Hurricanes Remind Us It’s Foolish To Put Safety First

In a culture that worships safety, mass suffering reminds us that we are more than mere flesh, and virtue lies beyond self-preservation.

Why Banning Civil War Re-Enactments Will Only Increase Ignorance And Prejudice

It’s a mistake to ignore the complexities of history in the name of social justice. Obscuring the past will not make our country better or more just.

The West’s Vision Of ‘The Noble Death’ Has Become Dark And Sinister

The stories and heroes we admire most reveal something about who we are. It matters that ’13 Reasons Why’ is more popular than Joan of Arc.

Why Kids Don’t Need Their Movies Screened For Gender Stereotypes

Common Sense Media is one example of the progressive rush to save our children from sex. But they are shooting for the wrong goal.

How To Shop Second-Hand Without Wasting Time Or Money

Here’s what I learned from my mom, the garage sale queen. She knows how to find beauty in things that others no longer want.

Men And Women Can Be Friends Again If We Restore Social Scripts

If we really want men and women to be friends, we ought to rethink the way in which we try to nurture that. A common language of behavior is a real help.

Netflix Should Not Pervert ‘Anne Of Green Gables’ To Make It More Realistic

Many fans are eager to re-explore their favorite characters. Others are dismayed by footage from Netflix’s new series that depicts a startling aberration from the spirit of the original story.