Andy Puzder
Andy Puzder

Andy Puzder was chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants for more than 16 years, following a career as an attorney. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy.

Joe Biden’s Economy Is Already A Disaster. Here Is The Chart That Proves It

Biden claims his jobs plan ‘is working’ but inflation is surging, more than wiping out any wage gains American workers might have experienced.

Joe Biden Is Telling Lies About Trump’s Tax Cuts

The highest earners paid a greater share of income taxes after the Republicans’ 2017 tax cuts than they paid after the Democrats’ 2013 tax increase.

Amazon’s Rejection Of Unions In Alabama Is A Big Loss For Big Labor

Union leaders bet that they could convince workers it was in their best interests to be enrolled in a union that would stand up to management. They lost.

Media Pushes Unverified Gossip To Hide Trump’s Amazing Economic And Foreign Policy Achievements

With the most dynamic economic comeback in U.S. history and unprecedented progress towards peace in the Middle East, what did the media establishment choose to cover?

Why Democrats Will Never End The Impeachment Show Until Trump Is Gone For Good

Impeachment is propelling Trump support in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, three key battleground states where he now leads every Democratic contender.

Want More Power To The People? Choose Capitalism

Capitalism encourages people to improve their lives by satisfying others’ needs and desires, by providing things other people want at a price they can pay.