Alexander Zubatov
Alexander Zubatov
Alexander Zubatov

Alexander Zubatov is a practicing attorney specializing in general commercial litigation. He is also a practicing writer specializing in general non-commercial poetry, fiction, drama and polemics that have appeared in The Hedgehog Review, Independent Journal Review, PopMatters, Acculurated, MercatorNet, The Montreal Review, The Fortnightly Review, New English Review, and Culture Wars, among others. He makes occasional, unscheduled appearances on Twitter and on Medium.

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Why socialism now? At a time when the American economy under Trump seems to be chugging along at a nice clip, why are so many hankering for an alternative?

Why I Refuse To Attend My 20th Yale Reunion

It is time to show the oleaginous technocrats running the roost that the special snowflakes on campus are not the only ones capable of protesting inanities at Yale and elsewhere.

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