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Illegal Aliens Skew Elections By Inflating Certain States’ Electoral Power. This Bill Would Change That


The House Rules Committee will consider a proposal late Monday afternoon that would prevent illegal aliens and other foreign nationals from skewing elections by shifting the apportionment of congressional seats and electoral college votes.

The “Equal Representation Act” would modify the Census Bureau’s questionnaire for each decennial census beginning in 2030 by requiring individuals to attest to their citizenship status on the form and then using that data to exclude foreign nationals from the count used to determine congressional and electoral college apportionment. Apportionment is derived from the number of residents in a particular area but does not currently differentiate legal citizens from foreigners who, in many cases, are illegal immigrants. A state can gain or lose congressional seats and electoral college votes based on the size of its population.

This means that millions of illegal aliens who have invaded the country can dilute the representation of American citizens by inflating the populations of the left-leaning areas to which they flock — even as American citizens flee those same states.

When former President Donald Trump signed a memo in July 2020 barring illegal aliens from being counted in the census, it was promptly met with a flurry of challenges. A handful of judges blocked the memo, and President Joe Biden eventually reversed the policy.

Democrat New York Rep. Yvette Clark made it crystal clear why Democrats support including illegal aliens in their apportionment tallies when she said in 2021 that her district could “absorb a significant number of these migrants” because “I need more people in my district, just for redistricting purposes.” As droves of Californians and New Yorkers head to red states like Florida and Texas, Democrats are desperate to recoup their population losses to maintain their electoral advantages. Through policies like sanctuary cities — which drain government resources and often invite violence — Democrats have incentivized a boom in illegal immigration to blue areas, which in turn inflates census data in Democrats’ favor.

In advance of Monday’s hearing, several Democrats submitted amendments to gut the bill. Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman submitted an amendment that would “prohibit[] the executive branch from issuing any rule or policy that would circumvent or waive the requirements” of the bill.

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