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White Leftists Cry ‘Racism’ To Win Political Battles — Even When Nonwhites Oppose Them

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White leftists call anyone who disagrees with them racist and then refuse to live by their own race-baiting rules.


On March 31, the National Organization for Women argued on social media that opposing males in women’s sports is “white supremacist patriarchy at work.” After receiving a torrent of justified criticism, the organization deleted its post on April 5.

The National Organization for Women is using tactics that are pervasive among white leftists. Founded by almost all white feminists in 1966, the white leaders of the organization since have used the concept of racial intersectionality to garner support for advocating clear sexism such as allowing males in women’s sports. It seems they believe that adding the racial element allows white liberals to castigate anyone who opposes their agenda as racist.

Politically blackfacing an issue, such as fairness in women’s sports, is actually what is racist. White liberal elites are using race to promote one of their pet projects that has nothing to do with race and is opposed by a majority of the black population. In a Pew Research Center survey, 68 percent of black respondents agreed with the statement that gender is determined by sex at birth. In the same survey, 61 percent of white respondents also agreed that gender is determined by sex at birth. 

Setting aside the confusion in the deleted post of what “patriarchy” actually means, it is misleading to suggest that allowing men in women’s sports is somehow a black-supported issue and that opposing it is white supremacy. But that is the overplayed battle tactic of white liberals: anyone who disagrees is racist.

White Liberal Hypocrites in Fairfax County

In fact, recent pictures of the transgender movement’s rallies and political resolutions show that the vast majority of activists in this realm are white. In March, for example, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted 9-0 to commemorate Transgender Visibility Day on Easter. Fairfax County is racially and ethnically diverse, the second most diverse county in Virginia. Yet the picture of the celebration following the resolution to commemorate the made-up holiday captured, with very few exceptions, almost all white smiling faces. The same is true for Fairfax City’s local council when they passed a similar proclamation days later.

White leftists on Fairfax County’s school board have also used race in their rise to power. They pay a great deal of lip service to being “anti-racist,” a poorly named, unjust concept that includes the use of present discrimination to remedy past discrimination. These school board members have promoted the overtly racist, “anti-racist” policies against Asian students to that end, dismantling gifted education at the district’s magnet school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

In an attempt to racially diversify the student population, Fairfax County’s school board members implemented admissions changes that replaced merit with equity. Ironically, both the chair and vice chair of the racist, “anti-racist” school board, elected by their fellow board members, are white leftists. These hypocrites refuse to live by their own race-baiting rules.

Silencing Brown Parents in Montgomery County

While local politicians from Fairfax County and Montogomery County, Maryland, discuss race incessantly, the rainbow mafia pushing transgender ideology on our children in public schools is notably white, and the public dissent is coming from a large group of mostly brown and black parents.

In March 2023, Montgomery County’s school board revoked its opt-out option for LGBT curriculum materials, including for students in the district’s elementary schools. Three families sued the district, arguing that the decision violated their First Amendment rights. In addition to the lawsuit, there were large protests at Montgomery County’s school board meetings where parents demanded the restoration of the opt-out option.

On June 6, 2023, mostly Muslim parents staged a massive protest during a school board meeting. Asra Nomani, a journalist, covered the protest and posted a video on X. It shows the majority black and brown parents chanting the phrase, “Protect our children.” They were demanding the fundamental right to guide their children’s upbringing and have a say about what they learn at their public schools. In contrast, the video also shows a group of white liberal activists donning rainbow gear and supporting the district’s continued indoctrination of the children.

Leftist Colonizers Define Black Identity

Potentially their gravest and most racist offense is when these white leftists, such as the ones leading the National Organization for Women or mandating the indoctrination of children in public schools, try to pontificate about what black people should believe and how they should vote. In 2020, for example, President Joe Biden infamously told voters, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

I wonder what Biden would say about the increasing number of black voters supporting Donald Trump for president in 2024. Some surveys estimate that Trump’s support among black voters in November could be double what it was in 2020. Would Biden dare now to claim those voters are not black?

And there is little worse than the leftist vitriol toward black conservatives. Justice Clarence Thomas, for example, referred to his Senate confirmation hearings to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court as “a high-tech lynching.” 

Black leftist pundits sometimes join their liberal white counterparts’ demands for ideological homogeneity among the black population. Michael Eric Dyson, a black professor, made an abhorrent comment suggesting that Winsome Sears, the first female black lieutenant governor of Virginia, is a ventriloquist for white supremacy. Referring to Sears, he said, “There is a black mouth moving, but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates of the white supremacist practices.”

It seems many leftists agree that diversity of political thought among black Americans is unacceptable. If they veer from the preset course the left determines, then these leftists villainize them as tools of white supremacy incapable of independent thought.

White leftists, such as those leading the National Organization for Women, are not the kind and inclusive people they claim to be. Make no mistake: Anyone deviating from their political inclinations should not expect the so-called inclusivity preached in the white leftists’ sermons.

To manipulate voters, these leftists are blackfacing their pet issues to gain legitimacy. And deleting one post on social media does not erase that fact.

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