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Democrats’ Election Interference Starts With Lawfare That Keeps Trump From Campaigning

Donald Trump walks by American flags
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Democrats’ ultimate goal when it comes to Former President Donald Trump is not only kicking him off the ballot but getting enough out of their many lawfare cases, like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s, to imprison him for good. The deep state’s big plans for conviction, however, aren’t the only way they are furthering their well-established election interference.

By tying up Trump’s times with hearings and trials, Democrats are effectively keeping him from connecting with voters or exposing President Joe Biden’s atrocious track record.

“Instead of being in South Carolina and other states campaigning, I’m stuck here tonight,” Trump said in a short speech to reporters outside the New York City courtroom on Thursday.

Eight months until 2024 Election Day means Trump should be maximizing his time in key states whose primaries are fast approaching. Instead, he’s required to attend hearings in New York over an expired case Bragg revived after his predecessor declined to pursue it.

“It’s election interference by Biden because it’s the only way he can think to get elected because he’s accomplished nothing,” Trump remarked.

Trump pleaded not guilty after Bragg, who won’t keep violent criminals off of New York City’s streets, indicted him on 34 counts of falsifying business records last year. In his address on Thursday, Trump acknowledged that Bragg’s lawfare stems directly “from the DOJ.”

“This all comes out of Washington,” Trump said after his hearing. “They coordinated with the district attorney and the AG. The case tomorrow, which is a rigged deal, is all coordinated with the district attorney and coordinated with the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James. She ought to be ashamed of herself. She’s campaigned for years on trying to get Trump without knowing anything about me.”

Trump said Democrats’ scheming against him, especially in New York, is “ridiculous” and “unfair.”

“A trial that legal scholars say there’s no crime. They say there’s no crime,” Trump quipped.

Trump is right. Even staunch anti-Trump pundits have cast doubts on Bragg’s attempt to convict and jail the former president on charges. The former president’s legal team tried to get the case dismissed, but a New York City judge ruled yesterday that the trial would begin in March.

Clearly, there’s nothing the deep state isn’t willing to try to do to keep their biggest threat — Trump and his voters — from regaining power. The ultimate goal is to ensure voters don’t see or hear from the leading presidential candidate until 2024 ballots are being counted.

Regardless of the outcomes of all of the cases against the former president, Democrats have done plenty of damage.

They did it in 2016, they did it in 2020, and they are doing it again in 2024. Except this time, they aren’t waiting around for sham impeachment proceedings or a memory-holed October surprises about Biden family corruption to do their dirty work.

The interference started even before Trump announced his 2024 candidacy with a raid on Mar-a-Lago and then escalated to a host of partisan lawsuits designed to end in guilt that would disqualify him from running again.

Democrats and their ally judges gagged Trump in an attempt to keep him from criticizing the corrupt Department of Justice and are committed to tying him up in court so he can’t court voters on the campaign trail. Kicking the Republican off the ballot and barring him from the election is their ultimate goal, but any hurdles he faces to campaigning are a plus.

For Trump’s political enemies, the pain is the point.

Despite Democrats’ best efforts to hamper his campaign with unprecedented lawfare, Trump said he is not deterred by this “disgrace.”

“I’ll be here [in court] during the day, and I’ll be campaigning during the night,” he explained. “Biden should be doing the same thing, but he’ll be sleeping.”

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