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If Nikki Haley Really Wants To Beat Biden, She Will Drop Out Now And Endorse Trump

Haley staying in a race she’s doomed to lose signals her true allegiance was never to GOP voters or their 2024 priorities.


The New Hampshire primary may be only the second official election of the 2024 presidential cycle, but it solidified that the last man standing in the Republican primary race is going to be former President Donald Trump. Even with Democrats hopping over to the GOP primary to boost Haley, Trump trounced her with some 55 percent of the vote, as of Wednesday morning. The elephant in the GOP war room now is how long will candidate Nikki Haley drag her feet to make her defeat final and official?

It didn’t take long after the Iowa caucuses for Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to drop out and endorse the former president as Republicans’ best shot at beating the Democrats on Nov. 5. After her subpar performance on Tuesday, it’s clear the former United Nations ambassador and South Carolina governor is well on her way out the door too. She, however, refuses to admit it.

If Haley has shown voters anything over the last week or so, it’s that she doesn’t lose gracefully. After her underwhelming third-place finish in the Hawkeye State last week, Haley triumphantly declared the 2024 GOP primary to be “a two-person race.” At the time, DeSantis had yet to make his exit.

On Tuesday, as thousands of Democrat voters took advantage of the Granite State’s loose voter registration requirements to back her, Haley confirmed that even a loss wouldn’t stop her from squandering millions of dollars on prolonging the inevitable end to her White House hopes and dreams.

If Haley’s primary goal in running were to defeat President Joe Biden, she would have stood up in front of the American flags at her New Hampshire campaign headquarters Tuesday night, quit the race, and endorsed Trump as Americans’ last hope to win back the country.

Her insistence on staying in a race she cannot and will not win because Republican voters don’t want her, however, signifies that unseating the most radical Democrat to ever grace the White House is not her goal. After Trump recently clarified that Haley is “not going to be chosen” as his vice president, she’s certainly not staying on the campaign trail with the hopes of becoming the next Kamala Harris.

Haley’s reasoning for keeping her campaign alive hinges on her promise to her Democrat donors and neocon supporters to attack Trump.

Even if Haley’s performance on Tuesday suggested she could be the rabble-rouser for the right, something her political record and reported corruption already deemed impossible, she simply is not and was never going to be enough for GOP voters in the general election. Trump has the most votes, the most traction, and the most vigor fighting against the deep state. That’s what the GOP needs. More importantly, it’s what voters want.

Polls show if anyone is going to beat Biden come November, it’s Trump. Despite looming convictions thanks to Democrats’ partisan lawfare campaign, a Harvard/Harris poll found that the former president has traction with a majority of American voters.

Haley quitting while she’s behind and endorsing Trump signals to voters everywhere that the real enemy is not the future Republican nominee, but the guy who opened our border, passed spending bills that jacked up inflation, sent American tax dollars to fund an overseas war, and launched full-fledged legal persecution of his top political rival.

Haley staying in a race she’s doomed to lose signals her true allegiance was never to GOP voters or their 2024 priorities but to Democrats and their hatred for Trump.

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