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Report: Milwaukee County DA Refused To Probe 354 Potential Cases Of Illegal Voting


Milwaukee County, Wisconsin’s Democrat district attorney refused to probe more than 350 potential cases of illegal voting, a new report found.

After visiting the Milwaukee Election Commission offices, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) discovered that DA John Chisholm, a soft-on-crime leftist, has declined to “review at least 354 referrals for potentially unlawful same-day voter registrations.” Like several other states, Wisconsin authorizes same-day voter registration, which allows residents to cast their ballot on the same day they register to vote. Despite Democrats’ claim that this policy is a win for “democracy,” its major flaw is that it, as noted by PILF, “allows a person to vote now but confirm their eligibility later.”

According to PILF, Wisconsin election officials are required by state law to “audit” the addresses provided by these same-day voters at the polling place they cast their ballots “by sending a confirmation postcard in the mail.” If a postcard is returned to officials as “USPS undeliverable,” that new voter’s record is inactivated and “a case referral [is made] to the local district attorney” for further investigation.

While these voters’ records are canceled, their respective vote is often still counted, as undeliverable mail “is not a sure sign of fraud.”

According to the records reviewed by PILF, there were 349 same-day, inactivated voters in the 2020 election — plus five in the 2023 election — whose files were set aside for Chisholm’s review. It was only after visiting the Milwaukee Election Commission to “see if the local referral reports matched statewide data” regarding same-day voter registration that PILF discovered Chisholm has yet to pick up the the aforementioned inactivated files from the county’s election office.

“Election officials are best situated to notice and investigate potential violations of election law.
Wisconsin requires election officials to investigate same-day registrations and refer individuals who appear to have used bad addresses to prosecuting authorities,” PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement. “When a DA refuses to even look at the evidence, that harms Wisconsin elections.”

Chisholm’s failure to probe possible unlawful voting isn’t all that surprising given his track record as a highly political, far-left district attorney. In 2010, for example, Chisholm launched a political witch hunt against Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Republican governor from 2011-2019, for alleged “campaign finance violations.” Chisholm’s ridiculous case was ultimately tossed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, with the state’s Department of Justice later reprimanding the Milwaukee DA “for the absurd and overreaching scope of his investigation that seized troves of internal documents from Republicans that were totally unrelated” to his inquiry.

Backed by a group affiliated with leftist billionaire George Soros, Chisholm has also earned a name for himself as a pro-criminal prosecutor. In 2021, Darrell Brooks Jr., an antisemitic black supremacist, used his vehicle to mow down dozens of civilians participating in a Waukesha Christmas parade. Six people were killed and more than 60 were injured in the attack.

It was later discovered that Brooks Jr. had been released from police custody days prior to the attack after Chisholm’s office set a low-cash bail for his release. While initially claiming responsibility for the decision, Chisholm quickly attempted to blame it on a young assistant DA, who he claimed was “trying to do the very best she could under difficult circumstances,” and “made a mistake.”

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