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Breaking News Alert Report: DHS Group Called Being 'Religious' An 'Indicator' Of Domestic Terrorism

How Biden’s Oil Policies Empowered Iran And Its Terror Proxies

Biden’s disastrous policies have stripped our country of its most vital resource while funneling money directly into terrorist hands.


In the wake of the devastating terrorist attack in Israel on Oct. 7, a magnifying glass is now being held up against the Biden administration’s destructive — and now deadly — concessions to Iran.

Iran, known for funding proxies from Venezuela to Yemen, has spent years calling America the “Great Satan” and telling the world it would like to wipe Israel off the map.

Most recently, the budding relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia has threatened Iran. The existential threat of Iranian nuclear capability has driven together the odd bedfellows. Now, those discussions have hit pause, and Israel’s focus has shifted to its immediate borders.

It is easy to see Iran’s motives as the puppet master.

Iran Openly Funds Hamas

Hamas has made no attempt to hide Iran’s involvement in the financing and planning of the attacks. From mentions of the few parties that “could be counted on one hand” who knew of the plans in advance to a widely publicized joint meeting in Doha in the same week — they were rubbing it in our faces.

Outlets such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal ran articles to confirm Iran’s involvement. Yet Secretary of State Antony Blinken maintained President Joe Biden’s stance that there was “no direct evidence” that Iran was involved until almost two weeks later.

It would seem the administration’s hand was finally forced after Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen launched rockets that the U.S. Navy intercepted on a path toward Israel. Since then, more details to confirm Iran’s direct involvement, including the specialized combat training of 500 Hamas terrorists in Iran, have come to light.

Biden Stalls Israeli-Saudi Peace Talks

The delay in this recognition is not an accident. The Biden administration has been enabling the Iranian regime since the inauguration, and they are hoping no one will remember. The discovery of Iranian sympathizers at best or Iranian spies at worst in the Department of Defense was cause enough to sound the alarm on this administration.

Then came the reports that Biden had thrown a wrench into the Saudi-Israel negotiations by insisting on concessions to Palestinians, which had not been a part of the discussions. Why would the Biden administration seek to block the progress of the most important alliance for the Western world?

Biden Lifts Oil Sanctions on Iran

Under growing pressure since the attacks, the Biden administration has been claiming Iran won’t have access to the previously frozen $6 billion in funds that Qatar holds. But this is merely a distraction from the true amount of money Biden has allowed to flow into Iran’s coffers.

We know the Biden administration has facilitated the release of close to $20 billion in additional funds held in abeyance. But the far bigger and more important issue is that Iran has earned more than $80 billion in oil exports under Biden’s sanctions rollback.

Yes, oil — the supposedly evil energy resource that the left has been actively working to discontinue in our country.

Iran’s Oil Flows as Biden Drains U.S. Reserves

While Iran’s oil exports are at five-year highs, Biden has been draining our own Strategic Petroleum Reserves since the lead-up to the midterm elections in 2022. The supply, built up starting in the 1970s and accelerated during America’s War on Terror, has always been understood to be our failsafe in times of crisis.

But as inflation continued to soar during his tenure, notably in oil prices, Biden was quietly releasing supply from the strategic reserves’ salt caverns into the domestic market to stop prices from climbing further.

With the strategic reserves already at multi-decade lows and prices too high to replenish, the White House ran out of options. So Biden turned to Iran. And they need as much oil in supply as possible if they want to win the next election.

U.S. and Saudi Oil Production Stalls

It doesn’t help that our former friends in Saudi Arabia, left in the dirt a while ago by this administration, also announced they would extend their production cut through the year’s end.

To add insult to injury, while we’ve allowed Iran to uncap its oil production — and to send it to China, which just moved multiple warships into the Middle East — we’ve kneecapped our own production. Biden has ended all leases in Alaska and signed the lowest number of offshore oil and gas leases in history.

These disastrous policies have stripped our country of its most vital resource while funneling money directly into terrorist hands. Remember this when you’re at the gas pump.

Biden has auctioned off our economic security and safety. The Democrats are borrowing against our future. And that future will be here to collect payment sooner than you think.

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