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Biden’s Federal Election Interference Scheme Just Entered Its Next Phase


President Joe Biden’s scheme to use U.S. taxpayer money to federally interfere in state and local elections has entered its next phase.

On Saturday, the Biden administration designated an Arizona-based Indian Health Service (IHS) facility as an official voter registration hub. With its new status, Native Health of Phoenix, which caters to “urban Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and all other individuals,” will now be able to “assist individuals in the voter registration process,” according to Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a Democrat.

Native Health is one of five IHS facilities set to be designated as voter registration sites by the end of this year.

Contrary to Democrats’ claims, Saturday’s announcement is not aimed at enhancing American “democracy.” Rather, it’s part of a concentrated effort to empower federal interference in state and local election administration.

In March 2021, Biden signed Executive Order 14019, which mandated that all federal agencies interfere in the electoral process by using taxpayer money to boost voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities. Native Health’s designation as a voter registration site is the result of IHS’s attempt to fulfill this directive.

Under Executive Order 14019, the head of each department was directed to draft “a strategic plan” explaining how his or her agency intends to fulfill Biden’s edict. Despite attempts by good government groups to acquire these plans, the Biden administration has routinely stonewalled such efforts by slow-walking its response to federal court orders and heavily redacting any related documents it has released.

Biden’s order additionally required departments to collaborate with supposedly “nonpartisan” third-party organizations “to provide voter registration services on agency premises.” As The Daily Signal’s Fred Lucas reported, many of these groups are extremely left-wing. Among those coordinating with IHS, for instance, are the ACLUDemos, and the National Congress of American Indians.

Given these revelations and IHS’s Saturday announcement, it’s worth mentioning that Native Americans voters heavily favor Democrats. During the 2022 midterms, 56 percent of Native American voters broke for the Democrat House candidate in their district, while only 40 percent voted for the Republican. These voters also broke for their state’s Democrat Senate candidate over the Republican one, according to the left-wing Brookings Institute.

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