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Rand Paul’s Expose Of Anthony Fauci Reads Like A Bioweapon Spy Thriller

Rand Paul book Deception Anthony Fauci
Image CreditJoy Pullmann / The Federalist

Deception presents massive evidence for two propositions: Covid was created with U.S. funding, and Fauci covered up his responsibility for creating that situation.


Most books by politicians are ghostwritten, poll-tested, reputation-whitewashing, score-settling mental baby food. Sen. Rand Paul’s book out today, Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up, instead reads like a mash-up of the true-crime and spy thriller genres.

It’s an in-depth accounting of how one man — Anthony Fauci — may be responsible for not only creating the Covid-19 outbreak but for turning an accident into a global catastrophe. It emphasizes that all the dangerous conditions that unleashed Covid persist, and could easily lead to another, far worse pandemic any time now through incompetence, hubris, or terrorism.

Paul documents that the man sitting on “the biggest pile of infectious disease funding in the world” used that massive influence over “science (TM)” to cover up his involvement with Frankenstein science that appears to have unleashed a laboratory-worsened disease on the world. The devastating consequences have only begun to appear.

This isn’t conjecture. Paul publishes the receipts in this 423-page thriller, one assumes in an attempt to provide posterity key evidence that weak and evil men like Fauci are still working to obscure, vilify, smear, and contaminate.

The Crime

Deception presents reams of evidence for two propositions: Covid was created in a Wuhan lab with U.S. research funding, and Fauci was sly and powerful enough to cover up his responsibility for creating that situation. In fact, the vast majority of unprecedented pandemic repression measures the developed world took can be considered a diabolical exercise in bureaucratic butt-covering.

It wasn’t just self-protection by corrupt scientists like Fauci, but also by myriad intelligence and defense agencies. You see, U.S. (and certainly other) security agencies are funding bioweapons and related research that has already created other amped-up viruses like Covid, Paul shows. They say they’re trying to catalog recipes for souped-up viruses in order to prevent future pandemics, but, well, let’s just say the world may have experienced one of the top risks of that ethically monstrous endeavor already.

Voters learning Covid leaked from a lab that applied for U.S. national security funding for coronavirus enhancement could bring the house down on the very security agencies funding these means of worldwide pandemics and terrorist tools, Paul argues. The same is true for Fauci and U.S. scientific funding programs like those he ran.

So these very powerful institutions had more than enough incentive to brutalize the world to keep their money spigots wide open. You can thank that massive, effective cover-up effort for increasingly totalitarian impositions including the Internet Iron Curtain descending on the West.

The Cover-Up

Paul shows the damning circumstantial and direct evidence indicating that as soon as Fauci was aware of Covid, he swung into action to hide that he’d funded its creation through NIAID grants to EcoHealth Alliance, ignoring the consequences to innocent millions across the world. One key means of this is “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” paper, or “Proximal Origins.” Fauci commissioned and pre-approved this paper (Paul, 32), which he later used as a weapon to beat out of public discourse any arguments the virus was grown in a lab he funded with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

“Proximal Origins” was published in Nature Medicine on March 17, 2020. It is the No. 3 most-linked of the nearly 400,000 research articles tracked of a similar age, says its Altmetric count. Three of its authors, Paul shows — Kristian Andersen, Edward Holmes, and Robert Garry — emailed Fauci late on Jan. 31, 2020, to say the virus looked to their professional eyes like it was human-engineered, and therefore leaked from a lab.

Andersen and Holmes also said so the next day on a conference call with international virologists (Paul, 21). Four days later, on Feb. 4, 2020, however, the “Proximal Origin” authors were showing Fauci a draft of their paper arguing the exact opposite.

“So, the very day they [Andersen and Garry] were privately 60-80 percent sure the virus came from a lab leak, they completed the first draft of a paper entitled ‘Proximal Origin,’ which argued against a lab leak and became, as Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke put it, ‘the media’s and the public health establishment’s go-to evidence of a natural origin for the virus.'” (27). Four days after emails and other evidence show him privately saying the virus looked engineered, Andersen was publicly calling lab-engineering claims “crackpot theories.”

“A lab leak origin was quickly dismissed as a ‘fringe theory’ by the Washington Post and a ‘conspiracy theory’ by the New York Times” in February 2020 because those publications relied on these same scientists Fauci paid to protect his power and reputation from the truth, noted Michael Barone this summer. It’s yet another example of how what the same publications’ fact-checkers rate as “reliable” is indeed reliable — reliable super-spreading of government disinformation.

Fauci didn’t just use his dragon’s hoard of taxpayer gold to influence scientists and reliably gullible media outlets. He also used it to influence top U.S. intelligence, national defense, and health agencies.

“Fauci not only visited the CIA but also pushed the controversial ‘Proximal Origin of SARS CoV-2’ paper, published by Nature Medicine, in meetings at the State Department and the White House,” a Racket and Public investigation revealed a week ago. “…the new information from multiple sources, including a CIA whistleblower, a senior government investigator, and a senior official, suggests a broad effort by Fauci to go agency by agency, from the White House to the State Department to the CIA, in an effort to steer government officials away from looking into the possibility that COVID-19 escaped from a lab.”

The Consequences

Fauci’s cover-up worked extremely well. Neither Democrats nor nearly all Republicans, still, have taken any serious action to rein in any health or intelligence bureaucracy in the slightest. If Covid’s repercussions couldn’t get them to do it, or all the lost wars since Vietnam, or the FBI’s persecution of Democrats’ political opponents, one shudders to think what it might take for these flaccid-souled cuckolds to arise.

Fauci’s may have been the most egregious Covid cover-up, but it wasn’t the only one, by far. Via administrative agencies’ refusal to release documents plus the rampant use of classification clearly to protect not national security but bureaucrats’ job security, Paul constantly notes he has sought documents he’s so far been unable to obtain. He even notes seeing emails showing the security bureaucracy talking about ignoring his document requests like they’re the bosses, not elected representatives.

“As a sitting U.S. senator who spent two years trying to investigate the origins of the pandemic, I only learned about the request for DARPA [the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] to fund the insertion of a furin cleavage site into a coronavirus [making it far more dangerous to humans] from a leak to the media,” Paul writes (377). Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Paul to his face in a hearing that he wouldn’t release unclassified documents to his elected alleged overseers in Congress.

To put it mildly, that’s a completely insane situation. It’s unconstitutional and against all the “norms” of constitutional government. Congress is supposed to be the supreme lawmaking authority in this country. Every federal agency is supposed to answer to them, including national security agencies. That is clearly not the case anymore, and it marks the end of representative government.

We, the people, do not rule ourselves if we have no idea and cannot find out what any given agency is doing with our money, institutions, personnel, and policies. We don’t rule ourselves if our representatives have no idea what’s happening inside the agencies they keep funding with 30 years of continuing resolutions nobody but defense lobbyists read. Until the “muh democracy” crowd ends this, they’re complicit.

“Any agency that funded the gain-of-function research in Wuhan or in the United States or anywhere in the world now denies that the research was gain of function and fights tenaciously to keep any record that they funded this dangerous research from the public eye,” Paul notes. “So fierce is their will that they have refused to divulge records even when I enlisted twenty-five fellow senators to sign the records requests. The deep state is simply an alignment of interests among bureaucrats throughout the federal government to cover up any responsibility for funding research that, in all likelihood, led to a lab leak that killed millions” (380).

Fools and Traitors

It’s one thing to be deceived by our nation’s top foreign adversary, China. It’s entirely another to be deceived by Americans in the public employ wielding enormous power in near-total secrecy. There’s a huge difference between enemies outside one’s gates and enemies inside one’s gates. That difference is why Dante reserved his deepest region of hell for traitors.

Cowards, stooges, and fools in positions of leadership, willingly following traitors like Fauci, locked us all in our basements for three years over a virus plenty of evidence says Fauci is responsible for creating, and that we very belatedly learned most people survive. No surprise these same cowards, fools, and stooges don’t want to look into their own dereliction of duty that allowed all this to happen. If they can’t seek restitution by using their power to undo the systems they oversee that did this to the world, they should resign.

Paul’s book accents that the same conditions that allowed governments to terrorize their own people over the Covid chimera persist. Indeed, Paul notes, “A high-ranking former CDC official told me in confidence that he believes the next leak will be worse, with a fatality rate ranging from 5 percent to as high as 50 percent” (Paul, 419).

Leaders who don’t have the will to preserve their own people are how you get the Gracchi. Trump is tame in comparison to what will come if Paul’s deeply documented complaints in this book — the voice of millions — are not heard.

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