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After Whistleblowers Exposed Biden Corruption, Joe Taps Hunter’s Old Colleague For Agency ‘Protecting’ Whistleblowers


After whistleblowers alleged the Justice Department ran interference for Joe Biden and his son’s corrupt activities, the president is nominating an old coworker of Hunter’s to head the federal agency that ostensibly protects whistleblowers.

On Tuesday, the president tapped Hampton Dellinger, a former colleague of Hunter Biden’s at a prominent law firm that once represented Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, to lead the Office of Special Counsel, a federal agency tasked with protecting federal employees and especially whistleblowers who may face retaliation. (Both Bidens are under investigation by Justice Department special counsels, who operate independently of the Office of Special Counsel.)

Dellinger, who was previously appointed to a position in the Justice Department, once worked with Hunter Biden while on the crisis management side of Boies Schiller Flexner, an international law firm. Hunter Biden served as counsel at the firm, and “tapped [it] to provide public relations and business consulting for Burisma” in 2014.

“Emails from Biden’s laptop show he worked closely with lawyers on Boies Schiller Flexner’s crisis management team,” the Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross reported in 2021, when Dellinger was appointed to the Justice Department. “Biden’s laptop emails also indicate he attended a private dinner party with Dellinger and several other Boies Schiller Flexner lawyers in March 2014.”

Hunter Biden was hired onto the board of Burisma in 2014, raking in excessive compensation from the Ukrainian energy company while his father was the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine. In 2018, Joe Biden bragged about pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire a top prosecutor who was investigating his son’s firm. Months after the Ukrainian prosecutor in question was fired, Hunter Biden signed an official letter from Burisma complaining to the new prosecutor about his investigation into the company. The Biden name on the letter lent its weight, and its intimate connection to the American vice president, to the company. Former Biden family business partner Devon Archer told House lawmakers that building the company’s “brand” to intimidate the firm’s opponents was the entire point of hiring Hunter Biden.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of corruption at play, federal investigations surrounding the president and his family have been rife with conflicts of interest. Multiple whistleblowers who worked on the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden have testified as to how the president’s DOJ worked to shield the Bidens from legal accountability. Now, if the Senate confirms his nomination, an old colleague of Hunter Biden’s will lead the very agency tasked with protecting those whistleblowers.

The IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, testified this summer that the Biden Justice Department stonewalled cooperation with IRS agents and even concealed critical evidence from federal tax investigators.

After federal prosecutors struck a since-derailed sweetheart plea deal with Hunter Biden earlier this year, Shapley said the most serious charges were left off the table. He also claimed prosecutors waited out the statute of limitations, allowing Hunter to dodge more charges.

Both Shapley and Ziegler have said they were removed from the Hunter Biden case, in an apparent act of retaliation.

Their revelations contributed to House Republicans’ decision to open up an impeachment inquiry in September.

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