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What’s Happening To Joe Biden Is Textbook Elder Abuse

Joe Biden on the ground
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The exploitation we are witnessing is not funny, but sad, and has dire consequences for this nation.


There is a case of elder abuse happening within plain sight of millions of Americans — and the victim is President Joe Biden.

The American Psychological Association (APA) says, in part, “…approximately one in 10 people aged 60 and older who live at home experience abuse, including mistreatment and exploitation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The home in this case is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the exploitation is happening to the leader of the free world, as he struggles to perform with what anyone with eyeballs can see is a dissipated and disqualifying mental capacity.

Elder abuse does not happen with caring loved ones and concerned friends taking the helm for an affected senior. “Dr. Jill” Biden should be ferociously protecting her husband, longing to spend his remaining years with him, caring for him, and spending time with him. She could refuse to allow him to run for office again, reminding all the greedy, circling vultures of his two brain aneurysms and informing them that his constant wandering, nonsensical comments are proof enough that the American people deserve more — and so does he.

Other Biden family members have also benefitted from this very public elder abuse, too. Hunter Biden, the living, breathing millstone around the neck of the president and the Democratic Party, seems lately to be even more enshrined in the vacuum-sealed inner circle that gives President Biden cover, contrary to logic or even sensible optics. He is often seen grinning toothily at his father’s elbow and reportedly visited Camp David with him several times this summer alone.

Talk about perks that come with this high-profile elder abuse: The House Oversight Committee demanded Wednesday that the National Archives hand over records on Hunter Biden’s use of Air Force Two and Marine Two after a report emerged that he used these craft to travel to perhaps 13 countries during his father’s vice presidency (not to mention that whole allegedly making millions using Dad as a silent partner in foreign business venture deals.)

Naomi Biden, the president’s eldest grandchild, also benefitted from propping up her dwindling grandpa when she “joined a rare club” last November, as NPR swooned at the time, saying her wedding vows at the White House, “perhaps the most exclusive address in the nation.”

No one benefits from this abuse more than leftists, however, who use this increasingly empty vessel to promote their agendas in the way that a ventriloquist uses his wooden dummy to get laughs. How convenient to have the president — with no one acting on his behalf — blissfully reciting lines, walking where ordered, and signing legislation that affects all Americans.

Who doesn’t cringe when an addled Biden says at the conclusion of stilted remarks that his people “will be mad at him” if he goes on too long?

The welfare agency of Biden’s home state, Delaware, states in Title 31, Chapter 39, “The General Assembly recognizes that many adult citizens of this State are subject to psychological or physical injury or exploitation because of physical or mental disability, impairment, illness or condition or other causes which render them incapable of providing for their basic daily living needs” (which would likely include knowing which direction to walk, what people’s correct names are, and the ability to stay awake in public).

Further, the state defines exploitation as “…an act of forcing, compelling, or exerting undue influence over a vulnerable adult causing the vulnerable adult to act in a way that is inconsistent with relevant past behavior, or causing the vulnerable adult to perform services for the benefit of another.” (Emphasis added.)

In this case, that vulnerable person is performing for the benefit of a corrupt, soulless Democrat Party as well as these loved ones who receive personal benefits from his presidency.

Sometimes Biden seems relatively stable, perhaps thanks to a cocktail of meds that keep him lucid for short periods of time, along with those “Top Gun” aviators that shield what are often likely bewildered, tired eyes. Increasingly, however, we have more of a “Weekend at Bernie’s” situation: an elderly man who is propped up to (hopefully) blurt out a coherent answer and then immediately whisked away.

The exploitation we are witnessing is not funny, but sad, and has dire consequences for this nation. Imagine handing over your retirement account decisions to your aged, senile grandpa. Imagine inviting that same addled elder to speak at your important business meeting or, even scarier, drive you anywhere in a car.

Biden is driving our shared car right off a cliff, with his handlers and his wife telling him where to go and what decisions to make.

If this were any other senior citizen, his family and anyone else who controlled and dictated that delicate senior’s actions could be held criminally liable. If justice prevailed, their control would be stripped from them, and the vulnerable senior would be placed by a judge in a safe environment.

It is tragically ironic that the most powerful man in the world cannot get these basic safeguards and that a whole nation pays the price.

“Over time, elder abuse can harm an individual’s physical and psychological health, destroy social and family ties, and cause devastating financial loss,” the APA also states. This is happening to us all, because of the elder abuse going on in the halls of Pennsylvania Avenue. Many are experiencing devastating financial loss thanks to a plummeting economy, and the psychological health of millions has never been worse, among other traumas the nation is enduring.

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