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Poll: Majority Of Americans Oppose Biden-McConnell Spending Binge On Ukraine Proxy War


A new CNN poll found that a majority of Americans oppose Congress sending more U.S. aid to Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict with Russia.

Released on Friday, the survey reveals that 55 percent of Americans “say the US Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine vs. 45% who say Congress should authorize such funding.” The poll additionally found a slight majority (51 percent) expressed sentiments that the U.S. “has already done enough” to help Ukraine in its effort to repel Russia’s invasion, a noticeable change from February 2022, when 62 percent believed America should have “been doing more.”

“When asked specifically about types of assistance the US could provide to Ukraine, there is broader support for help with intelligence gathering (63%) and military training (53%) than for providing weapons (43%), alongside very slim backing for US military forces to participate in combat operations (17%),” the poll found.

What’s also notable about the survey’s findings is the partisan divide on whether the U.S. should continue to financially support Ukraine. While a significant majority of Republicans believe Congress “should not authorize new funding” (71 percent) and that America has “done enough to assist Ukraine” (59 percent), Democrats believe the opposite, with 62 percent supporting more U.S. aid and 61 percent saying America should “do more.”

Most independent voters side with Republicans on such matters, with 55 percent opposing additional Ukraine funding and 56 percent saying the U.S. has “done enough.”

The poll’s findings demonstrate a stark difference in the priorities of the American people and those of Washington, D.C. politicos, the latter of whom seem perfectly content with shipping endless amounts of money to the second most corrupt country in Europe with virtually no oversight of how U.S. resources are being utilized. While everyday Americans have grappled with rising inflation and gas prices, Congress and the Biden administration committed more than $113 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine aid in 2022 after Russia invaded in February, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The Washington Post compared our Ukraine spending to the totals the United States has sent in aid to other nations over the same timeframe, concluding it was “more than the U.S. distributes in aid to any other country” in the world.

Meanwhile, swamp creatures such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have routinely claimed that “defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now” — even as America’s economy falters, our southern border remains wide open, and the federal law enforcement apparatus targets one of President Joe Biden’s main political rivals.

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