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Breaking News Alert 20 Questions Unanswered After Cheatle Resigns As Secret Service Director

The Republic Continues To Fade Into A Distant Memory


In the latest installment of “Tucker on Twitter,” Tucker Carlson weighed in on the Biden administration’s persecution of its chief political adversary, former President Donald Trump.

The now-77-year-old former president, Carlson argues, was arrested, arraigned, and indicted, ultimately, for the crime of breaking with the neoliberal political orthodoxy and actually advancing the interests of the American people. 

Carlson specifically referenced Trump’s passionate opposition to the Iraq War, an indicator of his break with the military-industrial complex’s preference for “forever wars,” as one example of how he ruffled the regime’s feathers. By refusing to engage in and adamantly opposing overseas adventurism, Trump opposed the policies that have made “the counties around D.C. the richest suburbs in the world.”

The 37 felonies Trump was charged with are, indeed, a gross example of selective prosecution. Biden’s DOJ — concerned with neither the rule of law nor justice — is opting to disregard Trump’s authority to declassify materials under Article II of the U.S. Constitution in order to prevent him from attaining political power and advancing the will of the American people in lieu of the globalist American empire.

After all, as Tucker noted, not a single person in D.C. actually cares about how documents are handled. “Washington is a city where internal memos about Labor Day are classified because everything is classified,” he said. “Your government has classified more than a billion federal documents, most of them boring and pointless and a danger to no one.”

“It’s a caste system. … How many secret documents do you think Dick Cheney took home with him while he was running the Iraq War? How many did his wife read?” Tucker posited.

As the saying goes, it isn’t hypocrisy — it’s hierarchy. 

The faceless blob that is the bureaucratic leviathan hates Trump because Trump threatened its interests. Therefore, it will thrash and flail until Trump goes away. 

Tucker is right, America’s principles are at stake, and it appears like the republic is fading.

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