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Dads’ ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Protects Kids From Pedophiles


In an Instagram post on Thursday, Green Beret combat veteran and dad of three Nick Freitas shared with his followers a 2017 WRTV Indianapolis interview with Jack Reynolds, a pedophile who targeted children in the 1980s and spent 12 years in prison for it.

In the interview, Reynolds was asked what “characteristics” he “looked for in children before molesting them.” Reynolds responded by saying it was a child’s family that mattered more than the actual child. “If I thought the father was a threat, I would not approach the child,” he said. 

Freitas said this revelation means a few things for dads: “One, you better be a threat,” and “two, you better be present enough in your child’s life to where they know you’re a threat.” 

“And I would say it tells us one more thing that’s very interesting,” Freitas continued. “There’s a lot of people right now that seem hellbent to have sexual conversations with our children without our knowledge. Those are the same people telling us that the very things that make you a threat are manifestations of toxic masculinity. So maybe we shouldn’t listen to those people.”

Freitas is spot on. The same people who are sexualizing American children by promoting outlandish “pride” celebrations in public schools, drag queen story hours, LGBT “kids” books with pornographic content, and mutilative “transition” surgeries for minors, are also the people vilifying the masculine virtues by which strong men protect children from predators. 

While purporting to be about “inclusivity,” the transgender cult enables sexually deviant men who enjoy parading in front of children in suggestive women’s clothing. Simultaneously, the movement’s war on natural masculinity and femininity seeks to neutralize good men from standing in the way.

The stakes have never been higher, but the war on masculine virtue has never been more brutal. Recall 24-year-old Marine veteran Daniel Penny, who put his life on the line last month to protect New York subway riders from Jordan Neely, a disturbed homeless man who was reportedly shouting “I’ll hurt anyone on this train.” 

For stepping in and protecting fellow train riders, Penny has been maligned by the left and the corporate media as a racist murderer, and he has been charged by Soros-installed New York City prosecutors with second-degree manslaughter. 

What happens when men are so fearful of ending up like Penny that they suppress their masculinity and cower to criminals instead of stopping them? The answer is people get hurt. Just watch this altercation on a different New York City train, where every man stands by and does nothing as a woman is punched in the face: 

The idea that suppressing masculinity will somehow make the world safer is one of the greatest lies the left has ever told. Bad actors don’t respect weak, woke men; they take advantage of them. 

What happened to Daniel Penny is a perfect example of how our culture demonizes masculinity, thereby encouraging men to repress things like physical strength, leadership, assertiveness, and courage. But the only way to deter harassers like Neely and sexual predators like Reynolds is for men to embrace their masculinity. 

That can be hard in 2023. Masculine men are labeled toxic and they risk the fate that Penny is facing. But these are sacrifices and risks men have to make because their loved ones, particularly their children, depend on it. 

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