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FBI Director Wray Threatened With Contempt Over Stonewalling Republican Oversight


Republicans on Capitol Hill threatened FBI Director Christopher Wray with contempt charges Wednesday after agency leadership refused to comply with lawmakers’ requests for records in accordance with standard congressional oversight.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and House Oversight Chairman James Comer of Kentucky subpoenaed the FBI earlier this month, demanding a document related to President Joe Biden’s time as vice president. The lawmakers claim this document implicates Biden in a criminal scheme involving a “foreign national.”

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“We believe the FBI possesses an unclassified internal document that includes very serious and detailed allegations implicating the current President of the United States,” Grassley wrote. “What we don’t know is what, if anything, the FBI has done to verify these claims or investigate further. The FBI’s recent history of botching politically charged investigations demands close congressional oversight.”

The FBI, however, dismissed lawmakers’ demands. Comer launched proceedings on Tuesday to hold the FBI director in contempt.

On Wednesday, Grassley and Comer released statements following their discussion with the FBI director.

“While the FBI has apparently leaked classified information to the news media in recent weeks, jeopardizing its own human sources, it continues to treat Congress like second class citizens by refusing to provide a specific unclassified record,” Grassley said. “Director Wray confirmed what my whistleblowers have told me pursuant to legally protected disclosures: the FBI-generated document is real, but the bureau has yet to provide it to Congress in defiance of a legitimate congressional subpoena. This failure comes with consequences.”

“While Director Wray — after a month of refusing to even acknowledge that the form existed – has offered to allow us to see the documents in person at FBI headquarters, we have been clear that anything short of producing these documents to the House Oversight Committee is not in compliance with the subpoena,” said Comer.

The FBI is also stonewalling Republican requests on a pair of pipe bombs found at the DNC and RNC headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio re-upped demands for an FBI briefing on the case last week. According to Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent who worked on the case, the agency has tracked down the suspect’s car but has not identified the culprit. The FBI also found the two bombs were inoperable.

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