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Four-Year-Old Navy Seems To Be The Only Biden Not Gobbling Up Foreign Cash


Navy Joan Roberts, the four-year-old child Hunter Biden had with a stripper who is actively ignored by the entire Biden family, including President Joe Biden, appears to be the only one in the family who isn’t taking foreign funds.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed during a press conference Wednesday that the committee found 10 of President Biden’s family members accepted wire payments amounting to over $10 million from foreign nationals while Biden was vice president.

“Those who benefitted included Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter Biden’s one-time girlfriend, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s current wife Melissa Cohen Biden, Biden’s brother James and his wife Sarah, and the grandchildren and nieces and nephews of Joe Biden,” reports the Daily Mail.

According to a more than 30-page memo detailing the committee’s findings, some of the payments could indicate attempts by the Biden family to “peddle influence.” The memo also says that some of the foreign companies have links to the Chinese Communist Party and a corrupt individual in Romania.

Since starting his 2020 presidential campaign, Biden insisted his family hadn’t taken money from China and denied all wrongdoing. However, Comer says the committee believes President Biden “has been involved” in his family’s foreign business dealings “from the very beginning.”

“It is inconceivable that the president did not know,” said Comer. “The White House refuses to correct the president’s statement,” he continued. “The president is now using the federal government to run interference for his family and his own role in these schemes.”

“What we’re trying to do today is show you how to follow the money,” said Rep. Nancy Mace. “The Biden family needs to answer for this, and the DOJ needs to get off its ass and investigate,” she stated. “We’ve done the work for them, so they can’t screw it up.”

If the allegations are “proven true,” Mace continued, “someone with the last name Biden needs to be charged, prosecuted, maybe spend a little time in prison to take account and responsibility for the actions they’ve taken.”

It appears that being a Biden has major financial benefits, but unfortunately for the four-year-old Navy, her father doesn’t want her to share his surname. When Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, petitioned the court to officially rename her daughter “Navy Joan Biden” to “benefit from carrying the Biden Family name,” Hunter petitioned against Lunden, claiming her request amounted to “political warfare.”

Not only is Navy the only Biden who doesn’t appear to be compromised by foreign adversaries and criminals, but she and her mother may also aid the House investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

In September 2022, Hunter asked the court to lower his child-support payments due to a “substantial material change in financial circumstances” since the settlement.

“Mr. Biden claims to be nothing more than a Yale-educated attorney/artist who is somewhat financially destitute and needs his child support adjusted,” Roberts’ attorney wrote in a 12-page motion. “However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly.”

The judge is now requiring Hunter to “answer written questions on his finances — from investments to art sales — to help determine if his payments should come down. A trial to determine if monthly child support will be reduced will take place in July,” reports Intelligencer. 

“This has the potential to be very helpful,” Comer said following the court order, explaining that knowing who has been buying Hunter’s artwork and for how much would be very valuable in the investigation. As of now, the names of the buyers and prices have not been disclosed.

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