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Biden’s Acting NIH Director Refuses To Condemn Chemically Castrating Kids Despite Irreversible Damage


Lawrence Tabak, the acting director of the National Institutes of Health, doubled down on the Biden administration’s push to institutionalize chemical castration and other gender experiments on children Tuesday after Republican Sen. Marco Rubio questioned him on the irreversible damage those dangerous procedures can cause.

As Rubio noted in the congressional hearing, so-called “gender transforming care” is “not an FDA-approved use for puberty blockers and hormone therapy” yet the Biden administration is openly endorsing it and pushing it on American minors.

“As NIH is America’s medical research agency, what work have we done to determine if this non-FDA approved use of these medicines, this off-label use of these medicines, is appropriate for minors seeking ‘gender transforming care?’” Rubio asked.

In response, Tabak parroted “observational” NIH-funded studies, some of which were specifically “designed to justify chemically sterilizing children who suffer from gender confusion or dysphoria,” as Jane Robbins and Erin Tuttle reported for The Federalist in 2018.

“NIH funds a small number of observational studies to gather the data on the effects of treatments that transgender youth and their parents have chosen. And there are also a small number of studies that describe the health issues and risks, including HIV, that are unique to these transgender youth. But all of the research in this space is observational. We do no interventional work,” Tabak said.

Rubio, dissatisfied with Tabak’s answer, pressed the NIH leader harder to answer for the Biden administration’s promotion of chemical castration which often causes “irreversible” damage to children.

“Isn’t there some wisdom in the notion that before policymakers are out there promoting the off-label use of medications that lead to permanent changes, that there be some more research done on its impact, you know, 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now?” Rubio asked.

Much like Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra did in a congressional hearing a couple of weeks prior, Tabak claimed that endorsing these radical experiments for children is necessary because “transgender youth are more vulnerable to depression, anxiety, engaging in self-harm.”

“Researchers are observing the longer-term psychological impact of these protocols and so by looking at individuals, transgender youth with and without histories of puberty suppression, we’ll be able to better answer the types of questions that you’re hoping,” Tabak said, but did not say that the NIH would call for a cease to these “treatments” which are proven to cause “sexual dysfunction, infertility, cardiac event[,] endometrial cancer,” and even transition regret among people who receive them.

Rubio said it is because those “long-term implications” are unknown right now and even Biden’s FDA has not approved puberty blockers for struggling kids, that the Biden administration should pull back on its promotion of dangerous mutilation.

“We clearly don’t want anybody harming themselves and things of this nature but … these policy decisions are being made on the basis of observational guidance and by your own admission, without any sort of long-term trajectory on its holistic impact,” Rubio said.

Both the White House and Becerra have signaled support for using taxpayer dollars to fund genital mutilation surgeries. The HHS’s Office of Population Affairs also recently dangerously oversimplified the permanent and damaging effects that radical gender ideology, chemical castration, puberty blockers, and genital mutilation surgeries have on children and adults to promote them as “health care.”