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Blue States Are Raging With COVID. Why Are Democrats Spreading So Much Virus?


Of the top 10 states (including Washington, D.C.) with the highest COVID-19 infection rate at the moment, seven of them are governed by Democrats.

Unfortunately for CNN and MSNBC, that fact can’t be directly traced to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis so they’ve chosen not to really talk about it, but if they did, they might ask what Democrats are doing so wrong in D.C. (averaging 1,313 new cases each day), New York (32,566), New Jersey (14,028), Rhode Island (1,382), Delaware (1,029), Illinois (12,426), and Hawaii (1,361).

What’s going on? Why aren’t they Following The Science? Are Democrats trying to kill people?

The national media’s beloved New York, the place Saint Anthony Fauci once said was doing everything “correctly,” has seen a 55 percent increase in hospitalizations as of Monday. D.C. has seen a 94 percent increase.

New cases are up almost 100 percent in Hawaii, a literal island thousands of miles away from death cult leader DeSantis. What’s Democratic Gov. David Ige’s excuse?

Back during the summer, when southern states and Texas were hotspots of the virus, the media told us day in and day out that it was directly the result of Republican policies that promoted more spread. If that was the case then, what’s the story now that every state below Virginia is averaging about a quarter of the new cases of Democrat-run states in the Northeast?

There are some areas of these states, such as Fulton County in Georgia and Miami-Dade County in Florida, that are seeing an intense wave of infections as well. And both of them are run by Democrat mayors. They must be doing something wrong, otherwise so many people wouldn’t be getting so sick.

CNN and MSNBC haven’t seemed to notice. Maybe Ron DeSantis should visit.