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Joe Biden Has Created More COVID Chaos Than Ever

Joe Biden Mask

Things are no better off than they were before Biden got into office. They’re arguably a lot worse.


If you asked President Joe Biden right now where we are in the pandemic, how confident are you that you would get an even slightly intelligible answer?

What if you asked media sex god Dr. Anthony Fauci?

No one at this point can possibly expect that they would get a meaningful response. Biden was elected with the expectation, thanks to an image generated by the media, that he would competently address the pandemic, “follow the science” (which the left swears is settled, right up until they change their minds), and “shut down the virus.”

Nearly nine months in, the results are indecipherable guidance from his administration about masks, vaccines, booster shots, and group gatherings. That’s nothing to say of the averages of 100,000 new infections and almost 2,000 new COVID-related deaths reported each day, which has been the case for going on two months.

Back in March, Biden said that “if we do our part” there was “a good chance” that families and friends could have “small groups” for an Independence Day outdoor barbecue. Fast-forward to this month and Fauci, Biden’s top COVID adviser, is telling people he’s not sure they can gather for Christmas. But then, never mind, they can!

Who knows if a vaccine booster shot is a good idea for themselves? In mid-August, Biden said at the White House that there was “a plan for booster shots to every fully vaccinated American — adult American” and that those shots would be available the week of Sep. 20. Then the Food and Drug Administration said, Nah!

Just a couple of days before Biden’s Sep. 20 deadline, the FDA declined to approve boosters for most adults, instead stating that only adults over 65, plus anyone deemed “high risk,” should get an additional shot.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t any less confusing. Are you “high risk” or not? It turns out to not really matter. If you want a shot, you can get one. Plenty of people are doing it, regardless of risk status. Best of luck!

By the way, if you want or need to travel outside the United States, the Biden administration makes no promises about your return. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, a negative COVID test is needed for re-entry. Have fun figuring that one out.

And what about the godforsaken masks? Biden didn’t wait a moment after being sworn in to tell the public that he was asking them to “mask up” for “100 days.” And yet, here we are, still told by his Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that regardless of whether a person has received a vaccine, he should be wearing a mask when in public.

We are rapidly approaching Day 300 of Biden’s “100 days.” In that time, his administration went from telling the vaccinated to continue wearing masks to then saying that wasn’t necessary, to going back to advising face coverings again.

This is precisely the kind of instability we were told not to expect from Biden. He was the remedy to his predecessor’s supposed chaos.

Now look where we are. Biden’s handling of the pandemic has been a complete catastrophe, and we’re only just now coming down from the second-biggest wave of infections since this whole thing began.

Things are no better off than they were before Biden got into office. They’re arguably a lot worse.