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Teary Capitol Police Officer Who Testified About January 6 Previously Defended Violent George Floyd Riots In Kenosha

Harry Dunn

On social media, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn attacked conservatives and cheered on Democrats like known Russia hoaxer Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell.


Harry Dunn, the teary-eyed U.S. Capitol police officer who testified in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s politicized January 6 committee, previously defended the violent riots that shook the nation last summer and caused billions of dollars in damage.

In a tweet directed at Fox News’s Tucker Carlson last August, Dunn asked “why is murder an appropriate response to property damage but property damage isn’t an appropriate response to murder?”

In addition to cheering on the destructive behavior of rioters last summer, that were linked to more than 30 deaths, while hypocritically condemning those of the Capitol rioters, Dunn repeatedly and publicly berated former President Donald Trump for being “racist in chief.”

Dunn also criticized members of Trump’s administration for covering for the president and regularly hassled Fox News’s Laura Ingraham and Carlson.

I’m embarrassed to have once looked up to you @SecretaryCarson you have sold out and are acting as narcissistic and egotistic as your boss. #Iexpectedbetter,” Dunn tweeted at Former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

“I hate @TuckerCarlson what an out of touch asshole that has no clue about anything that doesn’t look like him or agree with him. #getoverit,” he tweeted in 2019.



Just a couple of weeks before he gave his testimony, Dunn also cheered on known Russia hoaxer Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell for telling the “truth” about the Capitol riot and condemned Fox News for not having him on as a guest.

Clips of Dunn crying during Tuesday’s hearing buzzed around the internet on Tuesday, often paired with corporate media headlines lamenting the officer’s reported experience with the “insurrectionists.” Dunn, an open Biden voter, claimed in his testimony that rioters called him racial slurs during the Jan. 6 riot. According to Dunn, it was the first time he had ever been verbally assaulted for his skin color while wearing his police uniform. Others on the Capitol police force, he recounted, reported similar experiences.