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Happy Anniversary To Eric Swalwell Supporting Fang Fang’s Agenda: ‘Stop Wearing Face Masks’

Eric Swalwell tweet

It’s been a year exactly since Eric Swalwell parroted what we can only assume to be advice of the Chinese spy he was screwing: “Stop wearing face masks.”


It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since the Wuhan virus and subsequent power trips of our political betters left many Americans trapped at home, uneducated, and jobless. It’s also been a year exactly since Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, parroted what we can only assume to be the advice of the Chinese spy he was screwing: “Stop wearing face masks #coronavirus.”

While we can blame the congressman for literally getting in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, we can hardly blame him for declaring that Americans should stop wearing masks. After all, in addition to whatever COVID-19 advice Fang Fang the Chinese spy was whispering in his ear, Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert and partisan flip-flopper-in-chief, couldn’t get his advice straight either: Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask. Um, we’re not sure. If you’re maskless, you’re a murderer. Wear a mask even after you’re vaccinated. Actually, wear two or three, please. And so on.

Neither could all the other so-called experts, who said “15 days to slow the spread” a year ago, assured us developing a vaccine in 2020 was “impossible,” and said school-aged children were super-spreaders. The only super-spreader appears to have been Swalwell’s foreign friend.

We’ve been through quite a lot with Swalwell in recent memory, from #fartgate, to running for president for five minutes, to sleeping with the enemy, to Russia hoaxing his little heart out, to just being an unlikable — “SPOILER ALERT” — white man.

But though Swalwell has been wrong about oh so many things, perhaps he’s right about this one. Maybe on this one-year anniversary of his tweet that he probably finds appalling now, you should do like Fang Fang and stop wearing your mask. #coronavirus