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Sephora Sacks And Smears Beauty YouTuber For Being A Conservative Christian Trump Supporter


After conservative beauty influencer and YouTuber Amanda Ensing landed a high-profile collab with major French beauty brand Sephora, she was suddenly dropped and cancelled by the company because she does not “align with their values around inclusivity.”

Ensing has a massive YouTube subscriber-ship of over 1.4 million plus sizable followings on Twitter and Instagram, where she gives her viewers fashion and makeup advice. Sephora, hoping to capitalize on her fanbase, arranged for her to promote their products in a sponsored video— a lucrative deal for both parties.

However, Ensing is a little different than your average millennial influencer. She is unapologetically conservative and identifies as “first and foremost a Christian,” “secondly American,” and “thirdly Latina.”

After posting her sponsored video to social media promoting an array of Sephora skin care products, a left-wing Twitter troll complained to the makeup company, writing that Ensing is “a supporter of the dangerous MAGA group.” Sephora swiftly dropped and disavowed Ensing responding to the cancel culture creature with this statement:

Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. We were made aware that Amanda Ensing, an influencer contracted through one of our external vendors’ campaigns, recently shared content on social media that is not aligned with Sephora’s values around inclusivity. As soon as we were informed, we made the decision to cease all programming with Amanda and will not be engaging her for future partnerships.

“When did makeup become political,” Ensing said in a powerful Facebook video where she explains how the allegedly “inclusive” makeup brand violated her contract solely because she doesn’t adhere to the political ideology of leftist snobs in the mainstream beauty and fashion industry.

A few hours after Ensing uploaded her sponsored video and Sephora began receiving pushback from the Twitter mob, the makeup company demanded that Ensing remove the video from her social media. Sephora, Ensing says, cited a clause in her contract that allowed them to sever ties with Ensing in “extreme situations, such as violence or hate speech.”

Ensing said in her video that during her contract negotiations she had asked Sephora representatives if they could “guarantee an influencer’s right to use their voice,” in her case as a conservative and a Christian. Sephora assured her that they “do not discriminate against any political or religious group.”

According to Ensing, Sephora contacted her legal team, offering a settlement if she signed an agreement saying she will “stay silent and not talk about them and not talk about what has happened.”

Ensing is refusing to delete her collab video with Sephora and refusing to stay quiet. She is demanding to be paid by Sephora what they agreed for the sponsored video she spent time and money putting together. She is also demanding an apology for the way she has been publicly condemned by the beauty brand.

“This is so much bigger than me getting paid,” stated Ensing. “My mother did not come here from Puerto Rico and risk and sacrifice everything to live in the America that we’re living in right now where you are silenced, censored, or denied work because of your political or religious views.”

Pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of Sephora’s decision, Ensing said “I’ve had influencers make fun of my ethnicity, say that I’m no longer Latina, because I’m conservative, but brands seem to still be working with them.”

To Sephora she asked: “Are you going to disaffiliate with every influencer who threatened violence against me in the last couple of months? Every influencer who mocked my faith, and my religious beliefs? Or is it okay because they’re liberal or not conservative?”

It is also unclear why Sephora, which is supposedly against “violence” and “hate speech,” has come out publicly to “unequivocally” support Black Lives Matter, an organization that is responsible for 95 percent of violent rioting in the United States this summer.

Ensing has condemned all violence that occurred during the Jan. 6 capitol riot. Sephora remained unwaveringly supportive in the face of devastating death and destruction at the hands of BLM.

While mainstream conservative ideals, like the ones held by Ensing, are deemed dangerous “hate speech,” Sephora — a makeup company, mind you — has endorsed BLM, which was founded by avowed Marxists and is actively lobbying for socialist ownership in black communities, instituting reparations including for illegal aliens, defunding the police, and “disrupt[ing] the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Sephora products are frequently found in affordable shopping malls. Their customers are regular Americans, 75 million of whom voted for Donald Trump. The brand has made the mistake of isolating half of America by making it clear they disdain conservative values.

“Do you think that conservatives don’t buy your makeup, don’t wear makeup, are we not worthy because you said we don’t align with your values of ‘inclusivity?’” asked Ensing in her video. “Isolating millions of Americans because of their conservative political views from your store is the opposite of unity. The opposite of diversity.”

Ensing has inspired a “boycott Sephora” movement among conservative women across the country who are sick of being marginalized and discriminated against by leftist brand-name companies.

Instead of sitting back in self-pity, Ensing wants to “make makeup great again,” and is beckoning conservative women to “change the industry.” She is promising to help create a new brand that will be truly “accepting of everyone, despite your political, religious, or personal beliefs.”