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New Poll Shows Independents Oppose Impeachment By 15-Point Margin

A new Emerson poll found more Independent voters oppose the impeachment of Trump, compared to one month ago when more Independents supported impeachment.


A new Emerson poll for November found more Independent voters oppose the impeachment of President Trump, compared to October when more Independent voters supported Trump’s impeachment.

In October, 48 percent of Independent’s supported impeaching Trump, with 39 percent in opposition. Now, the tides have turned. 49 percent of Independents oppose impeachment, while only 34 percent support it. That’s a 15-point margin in opposition of impeachment among Independent voters.

According to Emerson’s newest poll, the impeachment hearings are being watched, or at least followed, by 69 percent of voters. These open-door hearings are actually making an impact on American’s perception of the impeachment inquiry.

Emerson’s data concluded voters are getting their impeachment information from the following news sources (the percentage denotes how many voters watch each outlet for impeachment coverage):

  1. Fox News – 26%
  2. ABC, NBC, or CBS – 24%
  3. CNN – 16%
  4. MSNBC – 15%
  5. Outside source – 19%

The results from these open-door impeachment hearings are helping Trump’s case for reelection. There are two narratives circulating in the media. The first, there is no question Trump bribed Ukraine and he must be impeached. The second, this impeachment is a partisan witch hunt.

According to the most recent data, the narrative that impeachment is a partisan witch hunt is the one more Independent and key swing voters believe.

Not only does this data show Democrats are losing Independents in the impeachment hearings, but Emerson’s poll also finds Trump’s national approval has increased from October to November.

“Trump’s approval has increased in the last month with 48% approval and 47% disapproval, a bounce from 43% approval in the last Emerson National poll in October,” the poll reads.

This poll unequivocally proves two things: these impeachment hearings are a farce that voters see right through and impeachment is actually a winning strategy for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign thus far.