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Iraq War Veteran: The Civilian-Veteran Divide And The Never-Ending War

Allison Jaslow shares her own story of military service, and the stories of other Iraq-Afghanistan veterans that we have forgotten on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Allison Jaslow is the executive director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). As we approach this Veterans’ Day, Jaslow discusses some the many issues concerning veterans’ care, the veteran-civilian divide, and how young American’s are detached from an ongoing war.

“Dealing with the realities of war, the danger it puts you in, is something that you can’t actually say impacts genders in a clear cut way,” Jaslow said. “There are many men who would all of sudden get sick…and I was equally impressed by women who had more strength than I thought they had.”

What happens when we stop paying attention to how long we’ve been at war in the Middle East?
“If we don’t understand the consequences of war–what the real human impact is–we cannot thoughtfully approach whatever other threats are existing in the world.”

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