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Podcast: Thoughtless Mobs Seek To Erase History By Destroying Statues

Jarrett Stepman joins Federalist Radio Hour to talk Charlottesville, statues, Brietbart, and the media of the alt-right movement.


Jarrett Stepman, contributor at The Daily Signal, reports back from his recent trips to Charlottesville, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland where statues are being covered and removed.

Domenech and Stepman discuss the history behind many of the confederate, and even non-confederate monuments that have been defaced. “It’s revealing of just how little history people are willing to grapple with,” Domenech said. “Do you have a view of history in which these people were not human?”

Stepman also shares about his time at Brietbart and what it means for the news site with Bannon back in their leadership. “Allowing the alt-right to have more room to grow was dangerous,” he said. “I thought of it as playing with fire and something that could become a much larger movement.”

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