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Bro Culture Episode III: Vetting The Bros Of Politics, Hollywood, And Silicon Valley

Bill McMorris, reporter at the Washington Free Beacon, is back for another update and ranking of The Federalist Radio Hour’s American bros list.


Bill McMorris, reporter at the Washington Free Beacon, joins the Federalist Radio Hour in his third episode vetting and ranking America’s bros and the facets of bro culture.

On this episode, McMorris and Domenech debate the bro-ness of Gen. James Mattis, Anthony Scaramucci, Ryan Zinke, Mel Gibson, and many others. “There’s a point to understand that putting of childish things doesn’t mean putting of bro things, but it does mean adding ‘older bro’ things,” Domenech said.

They discuss bro controversies such as this year’s fashion trend, the RompHIM, and Michael Phelps’ race agains a mechanical shark.

Listen here: