Top Stories Coming Out Of Two Weeks Of Conventions With Zeke Miller

Top Stories Coming Out Of Two Weeks Of Conventions With Zeke Miller

Zeke Miller, political reporter at Time Magazine, returns from back to back coverage of the RNC and DNC conventions. On today’s show, he discussed Hillary’s remarks at the end of the week in Philly, Trump’s comments on the Kahn family, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the resurfacing of Harambe.

Trump’s feud with the muslim family who spoke at the DNC show his counter punches are the same to anyone who criticizes him.  “These comments make you look like not just somebody who says that are politically incorrect but as someone who actually holds racist views and I feel like this controversy is similar to the judge in that respect,” Domenech said.

Miller was on the floor talking to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton delegates. “There’s this civil war in both parties, this schism, and on the Democratic side they haven’t resolved it,” Miller said. “From a lot of democrats there is a lot of blame on the President and the White House.”

The fact that Trump had thought out commentary on the death of Harambe says a lot about him as a candidate, compared to traditional candidates with executive experience. “His reaction to being asked about Harambe was not ‘Why are you asking me this?’ or ‘This isn’t important’ or what any other conventional politician would have said,” Domenech said.

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