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Radio: Transgender Bathroom Bills, Yoga, and Facebook’s PR Disaster

Returning from North Carolina, Kelsey Harkness shares reports from the the front line of the transgender bathroom bills and policy pushes.


Kelsey Harkness, senior reporter and producer at The Daily Signal, joined the Federalist Radio Hour after returning from North Carolina where she spoke to lawmakers and civilians about the the governments’ push that public schools comply with new transgender bathroom laws.

“Lawmakers down there really feel that the Obama administration is using children as pawns to further their political agenda when it comes to their transgender bathroom policy,” Harkness said. “Republican lawmakers feel that they are bearing the brunt of the blame here.”

Also surfacing in political news in the last week is the reports of Facebook manipulating their algorithms to suppress conservative news, keeping conservative conversations out of the Trending Topics feature. “There is a very real problem here for Facebook that I think goes beyond even what people have appreciated about this right now,” Domenech said. “Where this hurts them directly is in their business model.”

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