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Breaking News Alert Trump Wounded After Gunshots Ring Out At PA Rally, Defiantly Pumps Fist After Apparent Assassination Attempt

On Brussels, ISIS, and Future of Foreign Policy with Tom Rogan

What does Donald Trump think of NATO? When will leadership start talking about the core issues with Islamic terrorists? And more answered on The Federalist Radio Hour.


Tom Rogan joined the Federalist Radio Hour today to discuss this morning’s terrorist attack in Brussels and the next steps in foreign policy for the U.S. and Europe. Rogan is a columnist at National Review, a senior contributor as OpportunityLives, and a panelist at The McLaughlin Group.

There has been a tendency by leaders in similar situations regarding Islamic terrorists to retreat to platitudes about peace and about what Western attitudes ought to be. Rogan said the people who suffer most from the inability to identify the core issues, are innocent muslims. “I think now with the debate becoming much more crystallized in people’s eyes, it will be engaged,” he said.

“There is an imperative to engage with it because the consequence of not engaging with this debate is that you see the retrenchment of a lot of people in the kind of Trump identification of the issue, which is so over broad and absurd and counterproductive.”

Later in the hour, Domenech and Rogan talked about NATO, ISIS, and the comparison of Donald Trump to Pat Buchanan.

Listen now: