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Abortion Activists Respond To Funny Doritos Ad About Babies With Bizarre Twitter Rants

A Doritos ad depicting a hungry, unborn baby upset abortion rights activists. The ridiculous response shows the lack of art and beauty in pro-choice messages.


Anyone who has been pregnant and seen an ultrasound of her unborn baby is familiar with the activity the child demonstrates in the womb — including moving away from external stimuli and showing facial expressions. Even those who have never been pregnant are aware that ultrasound technology gives us a window into the womb, where human life gestates for approximately nine months before birth.

Such technology is one of the many reasons that people know about development of the human life in utero. Perhaps the only reason we don’t see more of such developing human life is because of abortion politics and some activists’ desire to keep abortion legal all the way up until the moment of birth. Depictions of the vibrant and active life in the womb dampen their efforts.

Chip maker Doritos’ Super Bowl ad portrays a mother and father at their unborn child’s ultrasound. You can watch it here.

Some pro-choice activists were upset by the ad. This is not a satirical tweet but a real thing that a mainstream, pro-abortion group called NARAL Pro-Choice America (formerly National Abortion Rights Action League) wrote in response:

This is what hating babies and the scientific technology that allows us to see them in utero looks like, I guess. Others similarly tried to show their dismay at the ad. Huffington Post’s headline was “Doritos’ Super Bowl Ad Is Making Us Rethink Ever Eating Doritos Again.” Adweek had the utterly bizarre headline: “How Doritos’ Super Bowl Ad Kicked Off a Twitter Conversation About Birth Control” followed by a deranged subhead: “‘Ultrasound’ got consumers talking about abortion.”

What the hell? Aborting a baby who just exited the womb in order to have a Dorito chip is called infanticide, Adweek. Also, stop being scared of babies. The Daily Mail showed how much of a bubble it is in with the headline “Super Bowl 2016 viewers slam Peter Carstairs’ Doritos ad on Twitter.” The entire world doesn’t abhor depictions of life in the womb, Daily Mail. LifeNews reported:

Peter Carstairs, a Melbourne, Australia filmmaker who created the life-affirming commercial for the contest, said he was inspired after seeing his second child, Freddy, on an ultrasound screen. Carstairs said the ultrasound image that he used in his commercial actually is his son Freddy, who is now 9-months old.

The ad was a bit tasteless, but the problem with it was not showing an unborn baby. And if NARAL were truly upset by ads or other televised depictions of clueless dads and uptight moms, they would have nothing else to tweet about. (Perhaps we should note NARAL’s reference to “moms” and “dads” in the ad. Moms and Dads to whom, exactly? Oh …) Pro-choice activists were even upset at a funny Super Bowl ad purporting to show children who had been born roughly nine months after a Super Bowl victory. Here’s that ad:

And here’s NARAL’s tweet about that:

It’s easy to mock the pro-choice activists’ tweets and headlines deriding depictions of the beauty of human lives that result from a good sex life, but it also speaks to a deeper truth. There is no art or beauty in the pro-choice message, which is about ending human lives after they’ve begun and at their most nascent. Abortion is dark and sterile, even when it’s not performed in Gosnell-like conditions. The pro-life message is artistically overwhelming in its combination of reality and possibility.

Still, NARAL should have known that the best course of action when faced with the beauty of human life is simply to be quiet, not showing the world how much it rejects science and wonder.