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Reviewing The Force Awakens with Sonny Bunch and Alexandra Petri

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a mish-mash of fan fiction, as discussed on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Alexandra Petri, opinion writer at the Washington Post, and Sonny Bunch, executive editor at the Washington Free Beacon, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to review, recap, argue and extrapolate on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the future of the franchise.

They discussed the best and the worst characters from the movie and how they fit into the Star Wars storyline. Bunch said the Han and Chewie buddy comedy is what he most liked and Petri added that, “This is some of Chewie’s most nuanced work of any of the movies.”

Petri and Bunch debated the character development and story of arc of Rey’s character. “She’s fun to be around. She’s an entertaining character. She is the best parts of all the other characters,” Bunch said.

Petri suggested that C-P3O is the galactic equivalent of an english major. “None of his skills are ever applicable to any situation,” she said. “Everything for him is a prolonged nightmare, wandering around with circuits exposed.” When it comes to R2-D2, Bunch noted the silliness of the droid powering down and pouting for most of the movie. “R2-D2 you can argue is actually the hero of the entire franchise,” Domenech said.

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