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Best Sports Moments of 2015 with Christine Brennan

Between #Deflategate, Jordan Spieth, Serena Williams, and the US Women’s Soccer team, there are a plethora of sports highlights in 2015.


From Serena Williams to Jordan Spieth, this year has had its fill of great sports moments and scandals. Christine Brennan, USA sports columnist, joined the Federalist Radio Hour today to recap some of her favorite moments, and share some of her thoughts on the future of sports journalism.

On Ronda Rousey’s recent loss to Holly Holmes, Brennan said that learning to lose is a tough, but valuable lesson. “As a journalist, I find it fascinating that a woman is so dominant in this and has controlled the conversation and I love seeing that.”

Brennan and Domenech discussed the trend among parents to insulate their children from losing and if participations trophies are as dangerous as some pose them to be. “I think there is a delicate balance…it starts with great coaching, whether that be a mom or dad or a professional and understanding you don’t have to overcook your kid, and don’t put too much pressure on them.”

Later in the hour, Brennan talked about the Twitter era of sports journalism and the conflict between accuracy and speed. “Double check the spelling. Triple check the spelling. Double check that fact. Mistakes are horrible,” she said. “There’s this old school sense about this very new school. I think you can have both, I think you have to co-exist to be successful.”

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