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David McIntosh Depicts A Decade’s Changes In The Conservative Movement

The former congressman tells us his thoughts on the new Speaker Ryan and Donald Trump as a reality TV star.


The president of the Club for Growth and former congressman, David McIntosh, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss Trump’s love of lawsuits, his expectations for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and some stories from his own career path.

As leader of one of the top conservative groups, McIntosh has taken on Donald Trump and his not-so-conservative record. Trump has issued a “cease and desist” against the Club for Growth for their ads explaining his abuse of eminent domain and other liberal policies.

“I’ve come to believe the best way to think about Trump is a reality TV show star and that he’s riding whatever the last 12 hours of the news cycle is all about,” McIntosh said. “It doesn’t matter if four weeks earlier he had the opposite position because it’s all entertainment.”

McIntosh said the Club for Growth doesn’t expect Paul Ryan to be a conservative champion as Speaker, but that he will focus on important issues like tax and entitlement reform.

“He’s a fair-minded guy so I think he will allow everyone to have their day,” he said. “I think his leadership on the Ways and Means committee shows his ability to form consensus among his colleagues on the Republican side.”

The conservative movement has changed in just the last decade and McIntosh explained what broader changes he sees in American society and politics relative to that change.

“My hope is this new rising generation that is passionate about giving back will learn to be leaders in that regard,” he said. “They want to be successful and at the same time want to give back and that’s the right combination for our society.”

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