Matthew Petrusek
Matthew Petrusek
Why Being An ‘Extremist’ Is Inevitable For The Clear-Minded

If it is accurate to call both conservative Paul Ryan and progressive Elizabeth Warren extremists, does that mean the right thing to do is to average out their ideological differences?

Why Pro-Lifers Aren’t Hypocritical For Opposing A Welfare State

‘Preventing death’ and ‘ensuring welfare’ are two different things and thus correspond with different kinds of individual and social responsibilities.

‘Guardians’ Vol. 2 Secretly Explores Atheism’s Weaknesses

The film’s egotistical celestial is exactly the sort of figure atheists condemn. Thankfully, whatever else the Christian God may be, he is not Ego.

Why It’s Impossible For Any Group To Be ‘Inclusive’

While ‘total inclusion in the community’ may sound good as a fundamental moral principle, running it through the logic machine yields some problematic results.