Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman
Georgi Boorman is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. A transplant from Seattle to small town Central Washington, she leverages a background as part of the homeschooling community and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Washington for a unique perspective on politics and culture. When she’s not writing, she bakes for the local café. She and her husband Cody enjoy a comfortably frugal lifestyle and plan an early retirement by 2026. Follow her on Twitter, @georgi_boorman.
Tess Holliday’s Nude Photo Isn’t Doing Anything For The Body Positive Movement

When will feminists learn that getting naked doesn’t get them even — either with men, or with thin people? Why do they insist stripping is dignifying?

Shoving PC Down Viewers’ Throats Made ‘Bright’ A Terrible Movie

Netflix’s ‘Bright’ is not a movie, it’s not even a commentary—it’s a boring regurgitation of common political narratives.

Oregon Just Relaxed Its Ban On Pumping Your Own Gas, And People Are Freaking Out

A new law allowing self-service for low-population counties will affect relatively few Oregon residents. Yet some are acting like it’s the apocalypse.

If You Think Being A Football Fan Excuses Jerkwad Behavior, Think Again

Have you ever been on a long car ride with someone whose team just lost a big game? It’s like being stuck in a train car with a Dementor.

The Real Reason Lewis Hamilton’s Post About His Dress-Wearing Nephew Was Stupid

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has been pressured into apologizing for telling his toddler nephew that ‘Boys don’t wear princess dresses.’

How Ditching Net Neutrality Will Give Consumers More And Better Options

Do you really want ‘all or nothing’ to be your only choice in Internet plans? That’s what you get with so-called ‘net neutrality.’

If You Want To Drain The Swamp, Put Character First When Voting

You think it’s bad now? Wait ‘til you throw even a shred of a standard of decency out the window for the greater good of your tribe.

Refundable Tax Credits Are Just Republican-Style Welfare

Speaker Paul Ryan promised the House bill would mean ‘bigger paychecks’ for American workers, but some payments are coming straight from another taxpayer’s pocket.

Why The War On Hypocrisy Won’t Resolve Anything

Merely pointing out inconsistency does nothing to address the problems our nation faces, except perhaps to diminish the hypocrite’s credibility.

12 Ways Artificial Wombs Will Change The World

While this technology holds much promise for premature babies, we should take the meantime to think through the potential ramifications.

I Don’t Care If It’s Halloween. Your Gruesome And Tacky Yard Decorations Are Sick And Rude

Nothing will make me like your blow-up witch or haunted castle. Why can’t people put a pile of pumpkins on their stoop and call it good?

What The Right And Left Should Learn From Tim Murphy’s Abortion Hypocrisy

Tim Murphy’s failure to live up to the values he has espoused should not merely be atomized and swept through the news cycle as a one-off.

Ben Shapiro Is Wrong About Prosecuting Women Who Get Abortions

The simple, correct answer to the young liberal’s question is, ‘Yes, of course women should be prosecuted.’ It’s not politically or culturally palatable, but it is the truth.

California Legislature Passes Bill To Punish Elder-Care Workers Who Don’t Use Trans Pronouns

The bill aims to promote the rights of transgender individuals by forcing health care employees to use patients’ ‘preferred name or pronouns.’

Why Our Obsession With TV Antiheroes Is Destroying Our Souls

We log hundreds of hours of couch time with heavy-handed romanticizing of sin and darkness. It’s bad for TV and for our souls.

First Openly Gay Seattle Mayor Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has resigned effective 5 p.m. Wednesday amid allegations from five men that Murray had sexually abused them as teenagers.

Yanking Federal Funds Could Halt Oregon’s Socialized Abortion Law

Oregon’s new law, which aims to provide fully tax-sponsored abortions, could result in a withdrawal of federal funds.

The Widespread Abortion Of Down Syndrome Babies Is A Success For ‘Nudgenics’

If you think it’s okay for babies to be killed in the womb because they have a disability, then be honest: you support eugenics.

Why Employers Might Be Justified In Paying Mothers Less

When hiring mothers, employers have more to consider than whether the candidate has relevant experience and qualifications.

Making ‘Doctor Who’ A Woman Is Cliché, Not Groundbreaking

There’s nothing revolutionary about riding a tide of pro-feminist fervor. Fans are right to defend the legacy of ‘Doctor Who,’ even if he’s male.