Brad Jackson
Brad Jackson
Brad Jackson is a writer and radio personality whose work has appeared at ABC, CBS, Fox News, and multiple radio programs. He was the longtime host and producer of Coffee & Markets, an award-winning podcast and radio show with more than 1500 episodes. Guests included politicians, Wall Street experts, best-selling author Brad Thor, economist Art Laffer, journalists Michael Barone, Jim Pethokoukis and Andrew Malcolm, as well as Super Bowl-winning quarterback Drew Brees. Brad covers all things edible and cultural for The Federalist. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @bradwjackson.
At SXSW, There’s No Better Way To Enjoy Music Than With A Beer

When this festival was first founded in 1986, it was about music. Austin is a music town, the Live Music Capital of the world.

Marketers Grab Attention At SXSW With Pop-Up Restaurants

AMC isn’t the only network paying for a pop-up restaurant to promote a TV property at SXSW.

For St. Patrick’s Day, You Must Have A Guinness

You should steer clear of all fake green beverages. Instead, turn to Ireland’s most famous beer: Guinness Draught.

Enjoy 100 Years Of Cookie History With Cookie Monster

Although cookies in some form or another have been around for hundreds of years, what you think of as a cookie is not that old.

If You’re Watching NASCAR, Here’s A Delicious Beer To Go With

For a long day of NASCAR you need a beer to get you through the ups and downs of the race. Speedway Stout from AleSmith Brewing Company in San Diego, California is just that beer.

It’s Almost Springtime, So Here Are Some Tips To Get You Grilling

If you’re having friends over for a party or just making dinner for the family, here are a few tips from a grill master to get you ready for the grilling season.

The Best Way To Get Farm-To-Table Is To Grow It Yourself

Whether you have a big yard or just a window sill, growing herbs, veggies, or fruits is really quite easy. And the taste is to die for.

Austin Amber: A Great Way to Celebrate A Great City

Next time you’re in Texas, grab a bottle or can of Austin Amber from Independence Brewing, take a deep breath, and drink in Austin spirit.

How To Buy Your Most Important Kitchen Tool: The Knife

Whether you’re a celebrity chef or just a normal everyday American who likes to cook, the most important tool you can have is a good knife.

8-Bit Ale Is The Perfect Beer For Gamers

Made by Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas, 8-Bit Ale takes you back to the days when you would find table-top Pac-Man at your favorite burger joint.

7 Strategies For Men To Ensure A Successful Valentine’s Date

Surprisingly, most women don’t want you to go nuts for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how you can show her you love her without going crazy.

Patriots Win in First-Ever Super Bowl Overtime Amid Heavily Political Commercials

The Left doesn’t even need to work to convince people itself any more, with tear-jerker Super Bowl political commercials like these.

Super Bowl Beer Showdown: Atlanta’s SweetWater Vs. New England’s Sam Adams

On Super Bowl Sunday, you’re going to drink beer. Let me make an argument for you to drink good beer.

For Super Bowl Food, Nothing’s Better Than Spicy Fried Chicken

It’s messy, tasty, and worth every ounce of effort. The chicken ends up being this tender, juicy, spicy, crispy goodness that is perfect for a halftime meal during the Super Bowl.

Here’s Your Super Bowl Preview Of The Year’s Biggest Commercials

We know half of America is only watching the Super Bowl for the ads.

Toast To Willie Nelson With Seven Spanish Angels Beer

Brazos Valley Brewing doesn’t just give you a beer you can enjoy drinking, it also gives you a can that is so pretty it’s a shame to put it in a koozie.

Yes, The Hanson Brothers Make A Beer Called MmmHop

Now, years later, you can’t see the Hanson brothers at a video store, you may not see them on your latest Spotify playlist, but you can see them at the bar, because they make beer.

Don’t Forget Northern California’s Fabulous Beer

There is more, much more to find at Lagunitas than just IPA. If you live on the West Coast, East Coast, or in America’s heartland, you can get a taste in person.

In The Midst Of Wine Country, Nothing Is Better Than A Chili Dog

Roy’s is where locals eat, where the working man grabs a quick lunch before getting back to the daily grind. It was exactly what we needed.

Don’t Miss The Amazing Beer At San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing

No matter what else you do in the city, exploring one of America’s original craft breweries is an experience not to be missed.