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Ben Domenech
Ben Domenech, Publisher
Benjamin Domenech is the publisher of The Federalist, host of The Federalist Radio Hour, and writes The Transom, a daily subscription newsletter for political insiders. Domenech also serves as a fellow at The Manhattan Institute. He was previously a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute; editor in chief of The City, an academic journal on faith and culture; and a speechwriter for HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He co-founded Redstate and co-hosted Coffee & Markets, an award-winning economic podcast. His writing has been published in The Daily Beast, Politico, Commentary, Reason, and GQ, and he appears regularly on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS's Face The Nation. He divides his time between Virginia and New York. Email him at
Foreign Policy Debate Questions That Need Answering

There are a lot of foreign policy questions the candidates need to answer. They are questions about past conflicts, future challenges, and our southern border.

The Libertarian Moment And Rand Paul

There was no path for Rand this year: the most appealing parts of his message were grasped by other candidates, and he recognized early on that he would be on the outskirts.

New Hampshire Target: Marco Rubio

Rubio is making a play that makes him much more of a target. It’s a risk, but he’s taking it.

Thunderdome: Iowa Votes

Iowa votes for Ted Cruz by a lot and Hillary Clinton by a little.

The Three Policy Issues Propelling Trump

The broader frustration among Trump supporters are over three specific policy factors: immigration, foreign policy, and general corruption of the system.

The Other Reason The Washington Elite Hate Ted Cruz

The other reason the DC elite hate Ted Cruz: he could become the model for future freshman Senators.

Republicans For Electoral Death With Dignity

The path ahead for the elites leads inevitably to the conclusion that it is the country they ought to blame, and that the coalition of the right as it currently stands ought to die with dignity.

Making A Murderer And The Importance Of Popular Crime

Documentaries like Making a Murderer are moving a conversation that needs to happen about whether our system of justice works.

Meaning In The Age Of Selfie Sticks

The age of selfie sticks is about putting yourself first.

How To Fix The Force Awakens With One Simple Trick

Star Wars: The Force Awakens could be improved dramatically with some small changes.

Ted Cruz Is Not An Anti-Semite

You can disagree with Ted Cruz’s critique of Washington neoconservatives without accusing him of anti-Semitism.

What Did Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio Learn From George W. Bush?

A key argument is developing between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and it raises the question: What did the GOP learn from George W. Bush?

Welcome To Barack Obama’s America

Barack Obama’s political legacy is the rise of Donald Trump.

The Constitution Is Not Incidental

President Obama and the elite modern left think freedoms in our Constitution which are essential to the American experience are just incidental.

Stop Blaming Pro-Lifers For The Colorado Springs Shooting

Planned Parenthood wants the media to blame pro-lifers for the Colorado Springs shooting. Here’s why it’s not going to work.

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving in a time of darkness is still an opportunity to recognize how much we have.

Jeb Bush Is Peyton Manning, George W. Is Eli Manning

Jeb Bush’s struggles are the same as Peyton Manning’s, but both can be a factor down the stretch.

On Refugees Question, Elite Pieties vs. NIMBY

The United States should take in as many refugees as it can prudently accept. But what if that number is zero?

The Most Substantive Republican Debate Yet

The Fox Business debate was the most substantive one we’ve seen this cycle. Who won it?

Campus Totalitarianism Driven By The Rise Of Reset Culture

What’s driving the rise of a totalitarian attitude toward campus life? A generation that has absorbed the lessons of Reset Culture.