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Ben Domenech
Ben Domenech, Publisher
Benjamin Domenech is the publisher of The Federalist and writes The Transom, a daily subscription newsletter for political insiders. Domenech also serves as a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute, specializing in health care and entitlement policy. He previously worked as speechwriter to HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, and as chief speechwriter for U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas. Domenech is also editor in chief of The City, an academic journal on faith and culture; and co-host of Coffee & Markets, an award-winning podcast focused on politics, policy, and the marketplace. He co-founded Redstate and appears regularly on Fox News, MSNBC, and The Blaze. He lives in Virginia. Email him at
Ira Glass Has Opinions About Shakespeare

This American Life host Ira Glass has seen King Lear, and has some thoughts.

On Energy Prices, The Working Class Blames Washington

Energy prices present a golden opportunity to break the left’s coalition and win over the working class.

The Agony of Jonathan Gruber: Michael F. Cannon’s Revenge

Does Earth-2 Jonathan Gruber also love birds?

Why Gavin Newsom Can’t Use His Good Ideas About Local Governance

Gavin Newsom has some good ideas about local governance which he can never put into practice.

Area Lobbyist: Why Do Republicans Want To Kill My Job?

John Feehery worries that Republicans don’t want to just do whatever big business wants them to do any more.

Why Do Gerson and Wehner Think The Drug War Helps People?

When it comes to the drug war in particular, we should demand a very high burden of proof from those who seek to restrict liberty and expand the state.

2016 Republicans Must Have Answers On The NSA And Iraq

Republican candidates in 2016 will have to answer questions about Iraq and the NSA, whether they’d like to or not.

Media Ignorance Is Worse When It’s Intentional

Media ignorance is worse when it’s intentional. It’s one thing to not know another perspective exists – it’s another to purposefully pretend it doesn’t exist.

Food Prices Are Soaring And Washington Doesn’t Care

Politicians insist that inflation is under control, just so long as you don’t include prices for food, education, health care, housing, or energy.

What Makes You A Patriot?

Share the found elements of Americana which extend into our lives from surprising sources and inspire you to feel like a patriot.

OTC Birth Control: Your Body, Your Choice, Your Responsibility

People don’t naturally assume that over the counter birth control should be available for free: they think they should be able to buy it. Let them.

The Real Problem With Soccer: Insufferable Fans Like Will Leitch

World Cup soccer can turn irony-obsessed liberal hipsters into jingoistic patriots. Will Leitch reminds us they’re still insufferable.

The Hobby Lobby Decision Shows The Culture War Isn’t Over

Thanks to the Hobby Lobby decision and the political priorities of the left, Americans will end up subsidizing more abortifacients and birth control.

How The Populist Assault On Cronyism Draws New Battle Lines

Will the Republican Party reject some of its corporatist pro-business past and get serious about populist free market policies?

Chelsea Clinton Is The Perfect Millennial And That’s Why Hillary Could Lose

Of all the special and unique snowflakes, Chelsea Clinton is the best.

Redskins Brouhaha Shows How Politics Is Ruining Sports Talk Radio

Sports talk radio used to be my escape from politics. But with the help of ESPN, politics is now threatening to ruin sports radio.

Yes, Eric Cantor, There Is A Virginia

This race wasn’t about the Tea Party. It was about whether a politician can serve two masters – big business vs. the people – and get away with it.

Should The Government Define The American Dream?

True conservative reform should focus on limiting government, not shaping the polity or only defending one version of the American dream.

Four Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Bowe Bergdahl

No one buys the White House line on Bowe Bergdahl. Here are four things to keep in mind as the scandal unfolds.

The Failed Presidency of Barack Obama

The events of the past week illustrate the degree to which Barack Obama has become a failed president.

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