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Pullmann: If The Supreme Court Backs Down From Overturning Roe, That Will Prove It’s ‘Politicized Beyond Repair’


In discussing the worldwide implications of Finland’s prosecution of a Christian politician for quoting the Bible on Twitter, Federalist Executive Editor Joy Pullmann said she’s not surprised the prosecutor is appealing the case after being unanimously ruled against in March.

“People who are on the political left often are a little bit more clear-eyed about the fact that the eradication of Christianity and of free speech and of our constitutional and natural rights is really one of their actual goals. The two really cannot coexist,” she said. “So the natural law and the natural order that the U.S. Constitution and other rights-based democracies like Finland uphold, that is incompatible with special protections for identity groups. So it’s no surprise to me that the prosecutor has appealed this. And this case could end up going to the European Court of Human Rights, which is why this could end up affecting not only Europe but also U.S. law.”

Pullmann also commented to EWTN anchor Tracy Sabol on the draft U.S. Supreme Court decision revealing majority support for overturning the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. She said if the Supreme Court backs down from its majority consensus, it is no longer a reliable enforcer of U.S. law.

“As a woman who has had a number of unintended pregnancies myself, this is a very serious matter,” Pullmann said. “…If the Supreme Court ends up being susceptible to this clear pressure campaign and attempt to overthrow our system of law and our system of jurisprudence with this leaked document, it will reveal to the nation that the U.S. Supreme Court is really not a reliable … enforcer of the rule of law but has become a completely politicized institution.”