William Upton
William Upton

William Upton is State Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform.

No, Fiscal Conservatism Hasn’t Met An Impasse In Kansas

A significant number of fiscal conservatives have come to lack the political will to rein in state spending. They’re the problem, not fiscal conservatism.

The 2015 Super Bowl Stadium Is A Big Cheat On Taxpayers

Government-financed sports stadiums are usually a huge waste of taxpayer money. The University of Phoenix stadium, where 2015’s Super Bowl will be, is no exception.

Gang Of Three Betrays Taxpayers In Arkansas

The Arkansas Gang of Three saw fit deal Arkansas Taxpayers a bad hand in a game of cards where more-often-than-not the house wins and taxpayers lose.

The Private Option: A Bad Bet for Arkansas

The divisive battle in Arkansas over the alternative to Medicaid Expansion – popularly known as the Private Option – should make any Red state legislature weary.