Whitney Blake
Whitney Blake

Whitney Blake is a journalist in Washington, DC. Her pieces have appeared in The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner, The NY Sun, and on FoxNews.com. She has also worked at Fox News’s Washington, DC bureau as an associate producer and at The Washington Examiner as an online editor and business reporter.

Why ABC Made A Mistake In Canceling ‘Speechless’

Unlike most sitcoms, which are mindless fluff, ‘Speechless’ is in a class all by itself, with talented actors, writers, and directors who are making a substantial contribution to society.

Taylor Swift Should Put Her Tax Money Where Her Mouth Is

Why claim residency in Tennessee, especially if, in Taylor Swift’s words, red-state policies don’t represent ‘MY Tennessee values?’

There’s Simply No Sense In Allowing Schools To Remain Soft Targets For Killers

Would you put up a gun-free zone sticker or yard sign in front of your house? No, you put up signs indicating you have a security system.