Vanessa Oblinger-Santos
Vanessa Oblinger-Santos
Vanessa Oblinger-Santos

Vanessa Oblinger-Santos is the director of media relations at Javelin, a literary agency and communications firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Formerly, she played for the Women’s Premier Soccer League on the Maryland Capitals and now plays in recreational soccer leagues across the D.M.V. area.

Michael B. Jordan Wore A Bib To The SAG Awards Last Night

Why on Earth would a young adult celebrity male prefer his fans to think he’s wearing an adult bib over being associated with kinky sex? Especially during the E.L. James-Christian Gray obsession era?

CEO’s Departure Is A Golden Opportunity For Victoria’s Secret To Roar Back

Victoria’s Secret is losing out to competitors like American Eagle’s Aerie, and they’ve been blaming the struggle on changing consumer demands. It’s a total disaster.

Watch Team Ertz Celebrate Zach’s Trip To The Super Bowl

While the nation bemoaned the idea of suffering through yet another Patriots Super Bowl, the Eagles win introduced #TeamErtz, the most adorable sports duo in America.

The Top 5 Best Episodes Of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

After 12 years, 2018 will be our first without a new season of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ Keep getting your fix, starting here.

If You’re Obsessing About Your Boyfriend Liking Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram, You’re The Problem

Before writing a 2,000-word analytical piece on why your boyfriend liked a picture of a hot model in a bikini, stop and look at yourself.

Leave Hope Solo Alone!

If the world wants everyone to play nice, maybe reporters should stop sticking microphones in athletes’ faces following intense games.

7 Reasons You Need To Start Watching ‘Vice Principals’ Right Now

There are only four episodes of ‘Vice Principals’ left this season, and it’s only getting better.

Hope Solo Didn’t Deserve Heckling In Rio For Her Zika Concerns

Nobody should ever be harassed for serious personal health concerns. Zika isn’t a joke. Placing the Olympics in Rio is a serious global health risk.