Tom Neven
Tom Neven

Tom Neven served seven years in the Marine Corps as an infantry M60 machine-gunner and an embassy guard. He is the author of “On the Frontline” and “Sir, the Private Don’t Know! Sixteen Weeks of Hell on Parris Island.” He has written for The Washington Post, The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Time-Life, Writer’s Digest, and for blogs such as PJ Media, Boundless, Acculturated, and First Things.

Roe v. Wade Is A ‘Jealous God’ That Demands Blood And Generates Rage

The legacy of Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton is a 43-year flight from reason and a society and political system distorted almost beyond recognition.

Abortion Supporters Misuse Words To Hide What’s Happening

Pro-choice means nothing. What’s important is what you choose, whether it’s good—or evil.

Nothing Can Take Down U.S. Marines Except Politicos Who Couldn’t Hack Boot Camp

The inevitable result of forcing the Marines to train and house men and women next to each other will be lower training standards for men so the women can keep up.

Putting Women In Combat Endangers More Lives

The only possible outcome of putting women in combat is more dead Marines.