Tom Lindsay
Tom Lindsay
In The Name Of Anti-Racism, San Diego Schools Will Teach Black And Hispanic Kids Less

Expecting less from someone based on his or her race used to be called bigotry. Condescension toward black students hardly qualifies as ‘anti-racism,’ but is instead its antithesis.

How Two Uber Drivers Showed Me America’s Racial Crossroads

Down which road will America go: toward the self-destructive lie that America was founded on slavery, or toward an appreciation of the reasons millions of immigrants leave their homelands for this country?

China’s Propaganda Centers On U.S. Campuses Must Be Shut Down

Our national security should require that all remaining Confucius Institutes on American soil be shut down — immediately.

It’s High Time To End Right Supremacy

There’s another, fundamental step we need to take if we are truly serious about eradicating all distinctions among human beings: Dexterity equality.