Teresa R. Manning
Teresa R. Manning
Despite Legal Chastening, Biden Seeks To Revive Campus Kangaroo Sex Courts

As long as Title IX is run by ideologues like Catherine Lhamon, the campus Title IX office remains a threat to both the rule of law and men.

How One Whiny Student Got Pacific University To Fire A Professor Over Basically Nothing

An atmosphere where any misstep can ruin you is the exact opposite of an environment of free thought, free speech, and the chance for genuine learning.

As Lockdowns Mow Down Overextended U.S. Universities, China Stands Ready With A Checkbook

The China-higher education alliance may seem a match made in heaven for cash-strapped academia, but it’s a bad development for America.

Title IX Has Turned Universities Into Really Terrible Sex Police

Title IX feminists seek to abuse the federal access law to institute policies that favor women — including inverting the presumption of innocence.

Joe Biden Promises He’ll Once Again End Due Process On Campus For Men

Colleges are scrambling to avoid following new Title IX regulations requiring them to respect due process rights for those accused of sexual assault — rights to which Joe Biden has promised a ‘quick end’ if he is elected.

No Federal Regulations Can Fix Campuses Saturated In Terrible Sex

Neither an anti-discrimination law nor its new regulations will fix the mess that is the current college dating scene and the source of so much Title IX activity.

Jury Awards $100,000 To Student Boston College Punished For A Different Student’s Assault

Boston College appeared to have complete disregard, perhaps malicious disregard, for the wrongful treatment of one of its own innocent students. Is that what Title IX has become?