Thomas Ascik
Thomas Ascik
Thomas Ascik

Since retiring as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Thomas R. Ascik has written about legal and constitutional issues on a variety of websites including The Federalist, The Imaginative Conservative, and Law & Liberty.

Why It’s Completely Unconstitutional To Impeach Someone After He Leaves Office

Impeachment is addressed in eight of the 85 ‘Federalist Papers,’ yet there is no discussion of separating the punishments of removal and disqualification.

Supreme Court Asks If Memorial Crosses Can Have Secular Meaning

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the constitutionality of a 40-foot World War I memorial cross that has stood on public land in Maryland for 94 years.

Supreme Court Largely Ignores Question Of Free Speech In Pregnancy Centers Case

The major question discussed was what California could require of medical facilities under the state’s authority to regulate the practice of medicine.

What Supreme Court Justices Wanted To Know In Masterpiece Cakeshop Oral Arguments

Except for justices Kagan and Ginzburg, an uneasiness about the case was evident to a greater and lesser degree among the other 7 Supreme Court justices.

Emotional Appeals For DACA Evade The Fact That It’s Blatantly Unconstitutional

It doesn’t matter whether you like DACA or not. When the president makes laws, we justly call that tyranny.

Michelle Carter Suicide Case Underlines Growing Legal Battles Over Speech Crimes

Carter’s case has been widely discussed because of the shocking content of her emails, the prosecution’s successful argument that words can kill, and its implications for free speech under the First Amendment.

Supreme Court Partially Lifts Injunctions Against Trump’s Travel Ban

The Supreme Court has substantially upheld a significant part of the executive power by which President Trump’s immigration order was issued.

Sanctuary Cities Use Legal Tactics From The Civil War South

The current sanctuary movement is more akin to the ‘nullification’ movement in South Carolina before the Civil War than to the biblical sanctuary cities.

Federal Court: Wisconsin Has Too Many Republicans

If a court can rule the Wisconsin state legislature does not have enough Democrats, it takes voting power away from the citizenry.