Stephanie Edelman
Stephanie Edelman
Stephanie Edelman

Stephanie Edelman is a writer who lives in Washington, DC.

Lana Del Rey, Conservative Icon

Lana Del Rey finds her American Dream in romantic companionship, glorying in America past as a way to preserve it forever.

The Sexless Banality of Bohemian Chic

The boho chic fashion trend is not just unflattering, it’s a mockery of the free-spirited ideals that inspired it decades ago.

Why Women Like ‘Retro Sexism’

If you raid the local Salvation Army or vintage boutique for the polished looks you see on period dramas, prepare for some searing feminist snark, because you’re committing the crime of retro-sexism.

Seriously, Buzzfeed? Defending Mothers Who Enable Child Abuse?

It’s not an injustice to prosecute mothers who stand by while others beat their children to death.